Agent CRM VS Radius Bob

Agent CRM and Radius Bob are both built with the Insurance Agent in mind. It is essential to compare your options when deciding what will be a better fit for your business.

1.A Growing Team

The most straightforward difference between Agent CRM and Radius Bob comes when an agent is focused on growing their team.

While Agent CRM offers Unlimited Team Members with our standard account, Radius Bob increases the account cost as the agent’s team increases in size. With each new team member, Radius Bob will increase the monthly account cost by a minimum of $28.

Immediately upon signing up for the standard Agent CRM account, the account admin can add as many team members as needed- no extra cost involved.

The account admin is able to give each team member a unique login and set of permissions. This allows for agents, assistants, and virtual assistants all to work from within the account at the admin’s discretion.


2. Growing A Business

Both Agent CRM and Radius Bob can be used to manage new leads and clients; however, Agent CRM has a strong focus on generating and marketing to new leads.

Both systems include unlimited Leads & Clientsunlimited file storage, mass email marketing, outbound callings, third-party app integration, and the ability for account admins to distribute leads to varying team members.

In addition to these features, Agent CRM specifically provides the ability to send mass text marketing to lead and client lists, while also keeping the leads and clients organized within customizable Pipelines.

Agent CRM doesn’t stop at managing and marketing to new leads, but we also provide the tools to generate new leads with our free-to-use Insurance Funnel (Landing Page) Templates and Insurance Email/Text Campaigns. These templates are easily customized to fit the agent’s voice and brand.

Agent CRM, also, allows for unlimited funnels and campaigns to be hosted from within each account.


3. Support

Like Agent CRM, Radius Bob provides support through Email and Live Chat.

However, Agent CRM goes beyond this minimum level of support by also offering Onboarding Zoom Sessions and Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls for all users.


Feature Agent CRM Radius Bob
Unlimited Team Members Yes No
Unlimited Leads & Clients Yes Yes
Pipelines Yes No
Lead Distribution Yes Yes
Unlimited File Storage Yes Yes
Mass Email Marketing Yes Yes
Mass Text Marketing Yes No
Send Individual Texts Yes Yes
Power Dialer Yes 

(6,000 minutes for calls & texts)


(2,000 minutes for calls only – with available upgrades)

Third-Party App Integration Yes Yes
Funnels & Websites Yes No
Mobile App Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes No
Onboarding Zoom Sessions Yes No
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No
MONTHLY COST Ranges from $47 – $67 Ranges from $34 – $732

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