Agent CRM VS Phone Burner

It is essential for Insurance Agents to call their leads in order to grow their business. Agent CRM and Phone Burner both make this possible with great ease.

But what happens after the call is made?

While both systems allow for automated voicemail drops and basic dispositioning, Agent CRM goes beyond the call by uniquely providing several built-in features for additional follow-up, organization, and management.

1. Follow Up

With Agent CRM, users are able to set follow-up appointments through the Built-In Calendar feature. After the appointment is scheduled, the system will automatically follow up with the lead by sending a confirmation and email and text message, along with a reminder text when the appointment is coming up.

If the lead did not need or set a follow-up appointment, users are easily able to add their lead to the appropriate drip email and/or text campaign to fit that lead’s needs and continue the follow-up process.

To make this process simpler for the user, Agent CRM provides multiple free Insurance Marketing Email & Text Campaign templates. These templates can be modified by the user to fit their voice and brand.

2. Organization

Aside from the basic dispositioning offered after a call is complete, Agent CRM provides Built-In, customizable Pipelines. The Pipelines are designed to help users keep their leads organized into different stages, detailing where the lead is at in the buying process, their lead value, and what type of follow-up is needed.

3. Management

All contacts, whether they are leads or clients, have their own unique contact records. On this contact record, any custom information needed can be stored. This custom information includes custom dates, unlimited file storage, policy information, personal information, and whatever else might be needed.

In addition, the contact record will store a complete conversation record of all text messages, emails, phone calls, and voicemails corresponded between the contact and the account user.

Along with this, users are able to store unlimited time-stamped notes, set tasks to be due at certain times and dates, and re-assign the contact to a different team member within their account. All of these elements work together to ensure that important contact information is not lost or forgotten.

As a lead turns into a client, Agent CRM provides the pathway for users to continue the follow-up, organization, and management without needing a different system. Users are able to store policy information, automatically receive and send notifications when a renewal date is approaching, and manage their clients through their custom-built client pipelines.

Feature Agent CRM Phone Burner
Power Dialer Yes 

(6,000 minutes for calls & texts)



Unlimited Leads & Clients Yes No 

(10,000 per month)

Pipelines Yes No
Unlimited File Storage Yes No
Mass Email Marketing Yes No
Mass Text Marketing Yes No
Call Tracking & Analytics Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes
Call Transfer Yes Yes
Third-Party App Integration Yes Yes
Built-In Calendar Yes No
Custom Calendar Link Yes No
Appointment Reminders Yes No
Funnels & Website Hosting Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes No
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No

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