Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – September 19, 2022

September 19, 2022

Sometimes when we need to make improvements, we really overcomplicate things, don’t we?

I mean, isn’t it easy to overthink?
We think we’re being smarter.
But really we’re being harder on ourselves.
And the project.
So this week, we’re peeling back the layers of complications, and figuring out the bare bones of how to turn a lead generating website from good to great.
It doesn’t take a lot.
But it does make a big impact.
You know what to do… Grab that Joe!
And let’s go!

This week we’re looking at a case study of a life insurance website.
We covered one during my VIP Marketing calls on Friday. Janel has a great website: it’s one page, easy to understand, with a clear CTA, and even a helpful chat bot.
But as we looked closer, we found just a few small tweaks we could make to make it shine.
And by shine, I mean increase conversions. 
That’s right! The golden ticket.
More leads and more sales.
Websites have changed over the years. They used to be nice online digital business cards

Now websites serve many more functions. But the main one they must fulfill? They need to persuade an ideal client to take action, that is – to give us their information.
Let’s start with what I like about Janel’s website:
One page, clean and crisp

Nice opening photo to grab attention

Great bio / About us: who she is and what service she provides 

Immediately tells us which insurance she offers

Ways to contact at the bottom

A handy Let’s Chat button to facilitate easy Q and A with you.

Communication on the page is clear – and the ability to continue communicating is clear.
So how can we improve it? With so much in place?

 1. A list, rather than a scrolling feature.
With phones as the primary way site visitors see your web page, I suggest changing the scrolling insurance paragraphs to a list -putting them all on the page. That way they won’t miss what you offer, for instance, Medicare.

 2. Text + Call.
Potential clients are so hesitant to call others these days. If one of the two numbers listed allows them to call and text, tell them that. It’ll increase how often prospects reach out to you.  
 3. Clear Sign-Up.
Subscription box: great lead potential here, but it doesn’t tell them what they get if they subscribe. Tell them. What are they getting if they give you their email?

 4. Video Intro.
Most importantly, I would add a video introducing yourself. There is nothing like being able to look someone in the eye, and for them to see and experience how warm and friendly you are.  It’s an opportunity, too, to cement your brand or brand colors in their mind by what you wear. They may not remember your name, but they may remember what you wear! For instance, many people now recognize me as the bald guy with the blue polo shirt. We see videos increase opt-in rates on every landing page we use them on. Don’t miss out on this key improvement!

 5. Testimonials.
 Use them to answer objections and speak to, not only your abilities, but your character and the ease to work with you. 

 6. Giveaway.

It’s great when we can incorporate a giveaway on the page, either as a pop-up or a section. Use the Giveaway Funnel as a template, such as a $100 gift card to a favorite restaurant in town, and multiply your leads. 

 7. Charity.
I love it, for instance, when Tony Robbins uses his influence to help charities. For his challenges, he sometimes gives incentives that all sign-ups will equal 5-10 meals to a charity. This shows his character and increases participation. A win-win. Consider doing the same.
   See? With a few minor tweaks, we’ve maximized her web page, and increased her conversion capabilities. You can – and should – do the same!

In the spirit of helping others improve, let’s help your clients improve.

The content prompt this week is:

“​​Top 3 mistakes you are making on/doing X”

Let me give some examples:

“Top 3 mistakes you are making on your life insurance policy” (life insurance)

“Top 3 mistakes you are making with your IG account” (marketing agencies)

“Top 3 mistakes you are making with your retirement account” (retirement/accountants)
How to try this:

  – For short-form videos:

Original Audio:  Just start talking! In about 30 seconds, tell the audience the 3 mistakes, and use captions. Add a trending audio underneath the original audio, and turn down the music volume as much as possible. Smile, be personable, and add humor where you can!

Trending Audio:  There are many trending audios right now that have multiple beats with you gesturing several “points.” Use an audio like this to point to several bubbles of text, for the “THREE” mistakes. Describe how to FIX them in the caption. BONUS: offer a freebie in your bio with a bigger “fix” to their mistakes, and add to your lead capture.

CTA:  Use the opportunity to ask them for additional mistakes they make, and any questions they may have. Your goal should be to add as much value as possible.
  – For a carousel:
Create a carousel with the title on the cover slide, and a mistake and short explanation on the second slide. On the final slide, add your IG handle and picture to a graphic and add your CTA to “save this post” and “read the caption.” In the caption, offer solutions. There ya go! Shareable content – CHECK!

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So let’s start this week with a few tweaks and see how we can make our “good” even better!

To your wins!
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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