Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – October 10, 2022

October 10, 2022

Don’t you just hate the old bait-and-switch gig?
We get it all the time, don’t we?
The food that comes to our table that looks nothing like the picture.
The online product that falls apart after two days despite its great reviews.
The TV host who was not quite who we thought he was…

There are plenty of things out there that we get really excited about only to find out it’s not what we thought. 
I need you to trust me that that is not what is about to happen here.
You may continue reading this email and wonder what’s going on with this Marketing Coach of yours, because I am about to give you an idea that is not going to help you promote yourself… but instead show you how to promote others.
Today you’re going to learn why you should promote others, how to do it, and the impact you can expect from it
Stick with me here!  
I promise this isn’t the old bait-and-switch… and it’s going to be worth it.
Let’s go!

Typically, when people give you marketing tips, they give you tips on how to promote yourself… isn’t that right?
And that’s what you’d expect, wouldn’t you? Why would you need to learn how to promote someone else?
Here’s why:
What goes around comes around.
If you’re helping others… they will also want to help you
But that’s only one small side of it…
Here’s what I want you to do: Highlight one of your power partners on your social media this week. But not as a way to sell yourself… use your influence only to help drive people to your power partners’ business. 
This will do a few things for you…
It will draw other power partners to you (more on finding power partners below!)
It will build your relationship with the person/business you highlighted.
It will show your audience that you’re not just posting about you!
Having those partners then promote you back is only a small benefit in comparison to what it will do for your relationships.
To have power partners who will support you, collaborate with you, and even dream with you is so much bigger than someone who is willing to post something on social media for you.
So as crazy as my non-bait-and-switch idea may have sounded to you at first… 
Build those relationships with your partners.
It all just starts with a social media post… that’s not about you!

Remember when we were kids and it was oh-so-easy to make friends?
All we would have to do is walk up to another kid and compliment them on their shirt, or ask if we could play the same game as them, or just sit next to them on the swing and – bam! Friends!
I often wish it could be that easy for adults.
Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk up to someone and say, “Hey! Want to be my friend? Let’s be friends!” …and have them actually become your friend?

People might think you’re a little crazy, and unfortunately, it’s not that much easier to find power partners either. So when we talk about highlighting some of your power partners on social media this week, you may be wondering how to find power partners in the first place!
How do you find other business owners whose businesses will collaborate well with yours?
How do you know if their values align with yours?
What if you partner with someone who, turns out, isn’t really that trustworthy or great to work with after all?
This is when we turn to those you do trust: those who trust you. 
If people are already subscribing to your newsletter or following you on social media, chances are (#1) they have pretty good taste 😉 and (#2) they are also following others who are like you and would be a good fit for you too.
So if you’re looking for power partners (hint: you should always be looking for power partners), here’s what you can post on social media or send in your newsletter today asking for a reply:
“​​I am looking to refer my clients to a ______ in [your town]. Who do you know and trust?”
And, just like that, you’ll be on your way to finding new power partners… and maybe new friends too?
The best part is you didn’t have to awkwardly ask them to be your friend either 😉

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Ready to go find some power partners and then promote them on social media? This is only the beginning of collaboration and building those relationships.
I can’t wait to hear how your business grows as you grow your connections!
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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