Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – May 01, 2023

May 01, 2023    

Hi there,
How much time do you (or your team) spend writing copy?

In order to sell products, gain leads, or engage your audience, you need to write compelling copy… and a whole lot of it too.

Today’s marketing idea is based on this concept.

If you have to write a lot to keep up with your own business needs, your clients and partners most likely do too, so if you want them to do you any favors, you’re going to need to give them a hand.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get into it…

You have quite a bit more writing ahead of you 🙂


I want you to take a few minutes to actually take into account how much time is taken up per day or week or month writing copy for your business.

Think about every page on your website including sales pages, landing pages, and any others that are updated regularly.
… every email that goes out on a regular basis.
… every blog post, every social media account post, and even all the comments you reply to as you engage with your audience.

On top of all that, if you also send text messaging campaigns, those all have to be written too!

Think about all of this…
And then think about each of your partners and clients who work with you.

They all have to write just as much as you do and maybe more depending on how big their team is!

Now think about asking them to share your website with their audience. Even if they love everything about you and your company, how likely are they to spend even more time writing copy to promote something for someone else?

Not likely at all actually.

And that’s where our marketing idea comes in.

If you’re not yet familairy with affiliate marketing then I am going to introduce you to something called swipe copy.

This is a template email, social media post, or blog post that you can write about your business or offer and then allow your partners and clients to use it when they share your site!

What we have found is that clients are very open to sharing about others’ businesses with their own audience, but they don’t want to go through the work of writing a post or email. If you give them a copy/paste copy with a link that goes to your website, you’ll get clients taking action and generating leads… for you!

Not only does this help save them time and give you more opportunities for leads, this also assures you others are promoting you and your business accurately… because you wrote what they are saying!

So today, I want you to…

Write some swipe copy. 

Let it be a social media post to start – something simple. And then send it to your list with the link they can share. Having them promote your website is great – having them promote a freebie with an opt-in would be even better!

And hey, if you want to take it a step further, you can even start your own affiliate program! If your partners and clients know they can also earn a percentage of the earnings brought in by merely promoting you, they’ll be even more likely to help!

Either way, this is a great way to build trust and partnerships and make it super easy for people to share your business with others!

Do you ever receive business advice that just makes you… groan?

You know what I’m talking about.

You know it’s not good advice because it comes from a place of skepticism… or criticism… a lack of experience… or just a person who may not even have your best interest in mind.

Can you think of an example?

The great thing about bad advice, though, is it often inspires really good decisions… by doing the exact opposite.

If someone told you “if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself,” it may just be the catalyst you needed to push you to finally find a teammate you can delegate work to.

Or if someone’s advice was to “never turn down a paying customer,” you may then start considering what you need to do to finally attract the right paying customers – those who want to actually pay you your worth!
Today I want you to share it with your audience, whether in an email, a social media post, a blog post, or all of the above!
You can start it off by saying…

The worst business advice I ever received is ________.

And then you can follow it up with…

But when I did the opposite, I turned it into the best advice because I ________________ .

Don’t forget to ask your audience to answer this question too. 
If they’re entrepreneurs, they’ll have their share of bad advice they’ve received. 
If not, ask them for the bad advice they’ve received about your niche. 

It will be a great conversation starter and may help you identify pain points they have that you weren’t aware of!
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Oh, and in case I didn’t say it before…
Happy May 1st!
Keep up the great work this week!Alex Branning
Branning Group
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