Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – January 9, 2023

January 9, 2023

Hey there!
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As I reflect back on the last year, I like to especially focus on my wins.

I also like to share them with others and through that I have learned a few things:
People LOVE to celebrate your wins with you!
When you share your wins, it encourages others to either share theirs or to pursue their own wins (win win!)
Wins in your business show momentum. They tell your audience that your business is going somewhere – and isn’t stagnant – and the thought of being a part of a business that is moving forward excites them.
That last reason is what I want to camp out on today.

We have all seen businesses come and go – sadly, some of us have had businesses that are no longer around.

Because of that, we know a huge difference between the businesses that stick around and the businesses that don’t is that the businesses that endure show growth.

That doesn’t mean that if you’re in a slow season that you’re not going to make it. 

Not at all!

But if you look at the last year and can see some wins, that’s a sure sign you’re still moving forward.

Since your audience also wants to know you’re moving forward, today’s marketing idea is to send a press release type email. 

It’s simple and fun. Just follow these steps:
 1. Use a subject line that’s something along these lines:
[Name of your company] is proud to announce [a win you’re excited about]!

Here are some examples:
[Name of your company] is proud to announce hiring two new employees!
[Name of your company] is proud to announce signing on 5 new clients!
[Name of your company] is proud to announce the development of a new eCourse!
Only you know exactly what win should be highlighted, but that’s only the start.
 2. In the body of your email, you can use a paragraph to answer each of these questions:
What was achieved in 2022?

What changes were made last year?

Who have you hired?

How many new clients/customers do you have?
 – Bonus points if you share what their businesses do, what you’re doing for them, or a customer review from them

What are clients/customers saying? (Share customer reviews!)

 3. To end your email, you will NOT ask for anything! 
That’s right! No CTA or sales link or even an invite to become a client. Allowing your audience the chance to join you in your wins without a next step will open doors on its own.
Remember, the main purpose is to show growth and momentum in your business – to show that you’re winning – to build trust, and to excite your audience into wanting to be a part of it!
Here’s the great thing about this marketing idea…
It can be used more than once… or as many times as you’d like!

You can send one this week about 2022, but then you can send another each month or quarter to highlight your wins from that time period.
Not only will that keep your audience excited every time they see a new “press release” from you, it will also keep you motivated as you focus on your own wins!

Since we’re sharing wins this week, your content prompt for today is simple. You can send this in an email, on social media, or in a blog post:
Tell me your wins today!
Encourage your audience to share their wins of the day or even of this past year!
And while you’re at it – this will give you practice before you write your press release – make sure to share a few wins also!
Just don’t give them all away 😉

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