Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – January 16, 2023

January 16, 2023

How often would you say you eat out?
Here in NY, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t eat out often, especially if you want to meet new people
 But for some, going out to eat can bring a mixture of emotions:
Excitement – I get to eat something new!

Worry – I hope I get to eat something I like!

Dread – How do I decide what to eat

Looking at a new menu is not all it’s cracked up to be, right?

The choices we find at a new restaurant can be anywhere from overwhelming (so many!) to confusing (but what exactly is a Hot Beef Sundae??)

And that’s what today’s marketing idea is about:

Making your audience’s choices less overwhelming.

So grab yourself an ice cream – or a Hot Beef Sundae, if that’s your thing – and let’s dive in!

There is no better example of the overwhelm of choices than going to a grocery store. Unless you live in a small town with a corner shop, your grocery store is most likely packed to the brim with more choices than you can even count. (or maybe you could count them… but why??)
Going to buy a frozen pizza for a lazy evening at home should be a simple process, right?
Just last year, the top 30 frozen pizza choices were ranked from worst to best.
While the results themselves could be an email in itself, what I want to bring your attention to is that these are only the 30 best… meaning there are even more frozen pizzas out there that weren’t even on this list!
Frozen pizza isn’t alone either…
Between condiments, laundry detergents, shoes, and more… The options are endless!
Does this overwhelm you?
If it does, do you think your audience ever gets overwhelmed by their choices too? Specifically the choices of other businesses that are similar to yours?
Today’s marketing idea is simple but important:
Directly address the differences between you and your main competitor. 
Just like you want to know the differences between the best frozen pizzas… or the top competing furniture stores… or whatever you’re in the market for right now…
Your customers are also wondering what the differences are between you and your competitors. 
You can compare:
Your price vs their price
Your features vs their features – and how you may include more or better features than they do
Your benefits vs their benefits – Will they save more time/money/energy with your offer? Will the confidence they have in what they are achieving surpass that of what your competitors’ offer will give them?
Your customer’s feedback — No need to share the feedback of your competitors – that can get slimy real quick (more on that below) but sharing your own is always powerful!
So today’s homework is to write a blog post, a social media post, or an email (or all 3!) that outlines what makes you better.
A note about this:
While I am encouraging you to share the differences between you and your competitors, I am not encouraging you to talk bad about your competitors.
You actually can’t afford to talk bad about your competitors.
I’ve learned 3 things as I have worked with customers and competitors:
I have never heard from a competitor’s happy clients – so not only do they not need to hear the negatives about them, but there are also two sides to every story.
You tend to reap what you sow – competitors can respect each other but it starts with you.
There is room for everyone – Many people look at the world through the lens of lack: not enough customers, no money to go around, and so on. I truly believe if someone puts hard work into creating excellent products, they will find their niche market and fill the needs of their clients. You don’t need to bad talk competitors just to get another client.
People will like you for you, not for the negative things you say about others.
Not only that, you will lose trust if the only way you can get their business is through talking bad about others.
So share with your audience the differences but make sure to keep it positive and respectful!

During the first few months of the year, along with New Year’s resolutions, I often think about ways I can be making my life more productive or more organized… and I’m not alone
It’s always during this time that I see a ton of ads for planners to help with organization or tips on decluttering your life, which is what inspired today’s content prompt:
What area of your home/business/life needs some decluttering?
I always find the answers to this question fascinating because they will be all across the board!
So share this question in an email, on social media, or in a blog post… and don’t forget to answer as well!
You can share about decluttering…
Your office space

Your car

A room in your house

Your desktop (digital clutter is no joke!)

Your mind (how can you get into the right mindset for success this year?)

And after you have shared that, make sure to also share what your plan is to get that area decluttered!
Your audience will appreciate your honesty and ideas, which will also help build their trust in you 🙂

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I can’t wait to hear how it goes as you compare and contrast your business with your competitors. I know your audience will appreciate the open and honest info from you!
Just remember to stay positive. It’s the best way to gain respect and trust.

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