Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – December 5, 2022

December 5, 2022

Hey there!
Today I want you to close your eyes and remember a time when we weren’t overwhelmed by technology, by instant gratification, by getting everything we want in the nick of time.
There was a time, before all that, before technology forced us to be less-than-impressed with anything that isn’t high level that we saw the magic and wonder in the simple things.
I remember being excited when a package came to my door.
… or when the mail carrier dropped mail into the slot in my front door.
… or even when I got to put mail into our mailbox and lift the red flag, signaling to the world that I had something to send out.

There was something so special about a piece of paper that had traveled across miles to reach another person.
But now?
Now we get a simple ding on our phone to signal the transmission of important information. And most of the time, again, we are less than impressed if it’s not as instantaneous as we think it should be.
Since the holidays are a time to be more thankful, more in wonder, and more content with what we have, it should also be a time where we bring back the magic of the simpler things in life…
Like hearing from a friend in the simplest way possible.

Ready to bring some magic back to the holidays?
Grab a stack of envelopes, a pen, and let’s get going!

Last week we discussed how important it is to pick up the phone every so often… to make sure to get personal with your prospects and customers.
But there is another lost art that you can also use that will also be more personal than your basic email, text, or social media outreach…
You can send them mail… Snail mail!
Think about the last time you received mail in your physical mailbox.
I would guess it was half spam and half political campaign ads.
Because of that, I would also guess there is nothing that excites you about checking the mail anymore. It’s just something that’s there now. 
Imagine though if someone sent you something in the mail…
Something special…
Something unexpected…
Something that is not trying to sell you something!
How special would that be!
This week I want to encourage you to dust off those Christmas cards you haven’t used in years and send some out to your clients and prospects!
There are direct mail programs you can use to make this super easy, but even if you don’t have that, to send cards to your top 20 clients and your top 20 prospects wouldn’t take more than a couple hours… but the reward would make it more than worth it!
Not only are you showing them they are special to you, but you’re also staying at the top of their minds. 
Through all the hustle and bustle of the business season, your card will remind them of you, of the way you’ve served them, and of how they (hopefully) can’t wait to do business with you once the holidays are over – or even before that!
Showing up in someone’s physical inbox – especially when all they were expecting was junk mail – is a pleasant surprise! 
Be that surprise for those important to your business this holiday season.

You’d have to travel far to find Christmas as not one of the main topics of conversation this time of year. People love discussing their favorite foods, cookies, gifts they’ve received, gifts they’ve given, and more!
Because of this, it only makes sense that you should not only be a part of this conversation also, but you should lead it too!
That’s why today’s content prompt is simple:
Ask your audience what their favorite Christmas memory is.
And then, of course, share your own!
Feel free to get creative about this too…
Sure you can tell about the time you got a new bike as a kid… or your first Christmas you had snow on the ground (if you’re from California like me, it may have been later in life than most!)
But you can also get creative and personal too.
Do you remember a Christmas where you had less under the tree, but more joy because of who was there with you?

Do you remember a time when family members you hadn’t seen in years surprised you for a visit… or maybe you surprised them?

Do you remember a season that was sad for you and your family – perhaps you had just lost someone or were going through a tough season – but because you stuck together through it, it made the time even more memorable and special than other Christmases?

Don’t be afraid to get personal and show a little more of who you are when you answer this post.
Your audience trusts you because they know you’re a real person with real experiences.
Show them who you really are by sharing the memories that made you you.

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I love the possibility that comes with the holidays…
The possibilities of reconnection, of starting or continuing traditions, and of bringing some magic back into the lives of those around you.
I hope these marketing tips today help make your own holiday season more magical!
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