Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – December 19, 2022

December 19, 2022

Hey there!
I’m sure you’re very surprised by this (we need a sarcasm font!) but I love connecting with people.

I also really enjoy connecting people to each other!
Whether you call it networking, collaborating, or any other fancy word that means people working together… it might actually be one of my favorite things to do as a business partner. 
There’s something somewhat magical about businesses coming together, not as competition, but as partners who want to better their customer’s lives as well as the lives of the businesses around them through partnership.
It’s the same with any sort of connection made in business.
You see it all the time in different ways:
Business owners connecting other business owners to come together to bring something new to their community
Gatekeepers connecting their CEOs with another business
Spouses connecting their partners with a business that will benefit their family
Friends referring their favorite businesses to each other
However, in order for that to happen, communication has to be very clear. 
Today’s marketing idea is inspired by the lessons we learn when communication is NOT clear.
Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

I’ll never forget a story my friend told me about a time she set up a meeting for her (then) boss to meet with someone who would potentially be a great partner for their company. 
She sent emails to both her boss and the contact to confirm the meeting.
She put it on her boss’s calendar. 
She even reminded her boss the morning of about the important meeting.
But wouldn’t you believe it, 20 minutes before this meeting was supposed to happen, her boss stuck his head into her office with a confused look and a truckload of questions:
Who am I meeting with again?
Why do I need to meet with them?
Is this really something that is that important for me to do?
(Before you get worried, I’ll give you the spoiler alert ending: Her boss went to the meeting, a partnership was built that benefitted the organization in ways she never could have imagined, and now her boss and the new partner are golfing buddies!)
Hearing this story taught me an important lesson:
Decision makers need to have all the information before an offer is even made.
Whether you’re talking to a gatekeeper of a company (gotta love those Virtual Assistants who keep things in order for us!), one-half of a married couple, or anyone who may have a partner or boss to discuss decisions with, not only is it your job to make sure they have all the information they need to bring to the decision maker, but you should also help them communicate the information!
So here’s my marketing idea for you:
The next time you send out an offer, an event invite, a proposal, or anything that requires a decision maker to be onboard, you can also send an email that the recipient can send to the decision maker!
Here’s a template you can use: 

(YOUR NAME), a (YOUR TITLE), reached out about their offer of (YOUR OFFER) and I think it’s something that would be worth taking a look at. It is compelling to be because it would benefit (us or NAME OF THEIR BUSINESS) in a few ways: 

  1. (One way your offer benefits them)
  2. (Another way your offer benefits them)
  3. (Another way your offer benefits them)
Would you like me to schedule a time for us to sit down and chat with (YOUR NAME)?

Let me know and I can get it on the calendar.”

And… that’s it! Keep it simple. Decision makers don’t need (or want) to know the history of your company. In that quick moment, they just need to know if what you’re offering is worth it for the good of the company so they can then decide if your offer is worth the time to learn more about.

And who knows…

Maybe you’ll meet your new golfing/knitting/exercising buddy this way!

 Speaking of making friends and connections in fun ways, here is what I want you to use to engage with your audience today:
My closest friend and I met when _________________.
Here is the craziest way I have made a friend!
When I have asked people to give a rundown of the ways they have met people, I have heard stories of meeting at networking events, through email introductions, and through common friends.
But I have also heard the most amazing and funny stories of ways people have found close friendships in ways they wouldn’t have expected! Meeting at parks, through online gaming, or even literally bumping into each other!
Share these questions on social media and in your emails and make sure to answer the question too!
Not only will you learn new things about where your audience makes friends (and where they spend their time!) but you may also get new ideas of where you can go to meet new people!

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Making new connections can sometimes be awkward… 

But good communication can make the difference between a good first meeting and one that… well… doesn’t go so well. 
Use these marketing strategies to ensure your audience is engaged, interested, and communicating well with those they talk to about you!
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