Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – December 12, 2022

December 12, 2022

Hey there!
Have you ever thought about some of the traditions we have during the holiday season – like really thought about them?

In the last 2 years, we’ve taken stock of the traditions that are meaningful to us and those that aren’t. There are some traditions that we keep around only because they’re traditions. 
This causes many of us to consider if these traditions even need to continue!
As a result, families are finding themselves with a Christmas season that has a lot more meaning and a lot less hustles and bustle… which is beautiful!
However, there seems to be one area we haven’t exactly pared down… 
Christmas carols. 
If you’re planning on going out caroling, there may be more than one song you leave off your set list, but that doesn’t mean it should be left out of your marketing plans.
How do Christmas songs and marketing go together?
Get your vocal chords ready and keep reading to find out!

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, you probably also have Christmas songs on repeat in your house… and in your car… and in your office.
This includes the favorites and the… well, not so favorites
One of those not-so-favorites (in my opinion) is the 12 Days of Christmas. Not only is it extremely repetitive, but the gift giver gives the most ridiculously outrageous gifts. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if someone actually gave those gifts to their true love??

That said, I want to redeem this silly song for us all. Today we’re going to map out how you can use the “12 days of Christmas” to share twelve facts about your business! 
Some will be based on the number of gifts that day or it may be based on the actual gift. Either way, here are a dozen ways to engage with your audience and share more about your business:
Day 1: A partridge in a pear tree – Who are you? Your team and your business wouldn’t exist without YOU. Tell them some facts about yourself and your pear tree (where you live!)

Day 2: Two turtle doves – Turtle doves make me think of partners so share about either your business partner, your spouse and how they support you, or someone who has been instrumental in the growth of your business!

Day 3: Three French hens –  The number 3 during this season makes me think of the 3 ghosts of Christmas – past, present, and future. Share how your business started, what you appreciate about its current season, and where you hope to take it!

Day 4: Four calling birds – This can be a fun one with a unique Call To Action! Announce you want to give away 4 onboarding/coaching calls to the first 4 people to comment or respond. This will be a great way to build some relationships!

Day 5: Five golden rings – Gold is the symbol of something that lasts forever – like a 50th wedding Anniversary. Today you can share about your future dreams for your business… Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Day 6: Six geese a-laying – Does your audience know what you actually do and how it may help them? Share about 6 products your business offers. You know… share your golden eggs with them!

Day 7: Seven swans a-swimming – I know so many people who say seven is their favorite number. Some even think of it as a lucky number. What’s something you do that others may think of as superstitious? Or do you have a habit or routine that you’re known for? Do you start every team meeting with a quote or a prayer? Do you routinely take your afternoon coffee break at exactly 4:51 every day? 

Day 8: Eight maids a-milking – Milk = sustenance. What do you believe are the secrets to a long-lasting business? What sustains you as a company and business owner?

Day 9: Nine ladies dancing – What makes you dance? What from this last year have you been celebrating? Share your accomplishments (and nine of them for extra credit)!

Day 10: Ten lords a-leaping – You may not have ten lords (employees), or you may have more, but giving them some attention this holiday season is a great idea! Introduce your audience to the team that keeps your business alive!

Day 11: Eleven pipers piping – Since a piper is someone who gets people’s attention and encourages others to “follow” them, share where else people can find and follow you! Make sure to give the links to every social media avenue you use and, of course, your website too.

Day 12: Twelve drummers drumming – What is your plan for the next 12 months? Share what exciting things you have up your sleeve for your business! Do you plan on growing your team? Do you hope to add some services? You can give some hints about what you have in mind without giving away any surprises 🙂
I gotta admit, when I think of this song through the lens of using it to share about my business and grow it, I think I almost like this song! Almost 😉 

Start using these right away to count down the last 12 days until Christmas!

Now that you know how you’re going to plan out your 12 days of facts, here is a great way to start it! 
Whether you plan on starting with Day 1 (the partridge in a pear tree) today or not (maybe you want a day or two to prepare), you can ask your audience to fill in the blank:
My favorite thing about where I live during the holidays is __________________.
Every community has different events that happen during the holidays – festivals, luminarias, nativity experiences, and more. It will be fun for your audience to share their favorite thing and learn about what happens in other communities too!

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Now that you have the 12 Days of Christmas song stuck in your head (Five Gooool-den rings!) you can use it to engage your audience in a new way this holiday season!
I can’t wait to hear about the relationships you’ll continue to build through to the end of the year 🙂

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