Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – August 8th, 2022

August 8, 2022

Remember when you first watched The Princess Bride? And Wesley was doomed to die before true love won? 
Fezzik, the kind giant, and Inigo Montoya, the revengeful swordsman, carry his limp, tortured body to Miracle Max and his wife,Valerie, for old-fashioned CPR.
Guess what?
That’s what this week’s marketing idea can do for your “mostly dead” leads, too … 

So saddle up! Get your coffee to go and let’s bring some valuable leads back from the dead!

We’re not exactly talking about raising the dead here, with zombies, dead people, or resurrected saints.
Then again, maybe we are!
Your leads, those valuable gems that you spent time and money on already? They are not meant to sit in the trash bin. 
Don’t bury the lead! (Pun totally intended).
It’s not dead. 
It’s just “mostly dead,” as Miracle Max said.

Mostly Dead Means He’s Slightly Alive.

“But,” you say, “Alex, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to snag my dead leads’ attention. I’ve tried  discounts, promotions, subscriptions … nothing’s worked!”

Well then… have you tried the Revive Dead Leads system we use here at The Branning Group?  You don’t have to use a resuscitation device quite like Miracle Max, but you do use a “plug-and-play system.” 
“What is that?!” you ask.

It’s so simple:
You upload your leads in the Agent CRM

Modify the workflow for dead leads.

Change from the original email to your voice. How? You record a voicemail, tag all of those leads and ….

Bam! Our system gets to work sending them emails and text messages in your ringless voicemail, timed only within the hours of your business, so that when they call you back, (and they will), you’re available and ready to talk.
This entire Revive Dead Leads System only costs $7.  😱
You’ll get it imported directly into your Agent CRM account. Then you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll.
If you need support along the way, my team is here and readily available to help you at all hours of the day. Let’s get this set up to build your business again! 

Embodying the support you give 🙂
You’ll be up and running! 
We’ll make your Revive Dead Leads as smooth as horses galloping away in the final scene of The Princess Bride.
Revive Dead Leads System

We all know that one of the main goals of content is connection
To connect with our audience, we need to open up about our own interests, and use that as a hook to post on all of our social media, blogs and newsletters. 
The trick is — then you turn it on them
So, for instance, this week’s prompt asks a familiar question, one that’s universal. But the answers from your audience will help you get to know their pain points, desires and drivers. 
And don’t forget to ENGAGE with them when they answer your question. Make them feel part of a community, encouraged and happy to have commented on your post! 
This week’s content prompt is:

“The book that had the most impact on my life was…”
You could do this as a reel, with trending audio, placing the book on the screen and describing its impact, with or without your face. Or, you could speak directly to the audience, holding up the book or “pointing” to text bubbles that share the reasons it means a lot. Be creative. 
But then, at the end the reel, post, video, etc, use a Call to Action (CTA). 
Ask them: “What book had the most impact on your life? Comment below. This will increase the interaction with your content and improve an overall sense of community – the goal of social media!

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Opendoor to Pay $62 Million to Settle Claims of Deceptive Marketing
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See you next week in Your Marketing Coach for even more marketing news, tips and tricks! And in the meantime, have fun storming the castle, marketing yourself to the ideal clients and capturing those leads that were just MOSTLY dead. Go get ‘em!

“As you wish!” and at your service ~
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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