Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – August 29th, 2022

August 29, 2022

… We’re LIVE! From New York that is. For the first time this week.  Honestly, the hustle of the city excites me. Serving family-first entrepreneurs, I’ve now seen what it takes to move my family cross-country from sunny, laid-back California to busy, bustling New York City. All in this past week.
Never has Saturday Night Live’s booming announcement been more appropriate!

But not just for me, Kathy and our daughter, Ali.
But for YOU, TOO! 
Because you and I – we’re going LIVE!
To talk about sales optimization. 
Say, what?
Yes, today we’re looking at my marketing secrets with LIVE WEBINARS.  I’m going to let you in on my little-known secrets of how I run 5-7 webinars a day to 
• Multiple my TIME
• Multiple my SALES ($$$$) while
NOT multiplying my EFFORTS 
Let’s face it. We can’t clone ourselves.
(Well, technically yes, but it’s really a bad idea. Remember Dolly, the old lamb?)

But we can put ourselves in front of more people at one time– and I’ve honed that system to make it extremely profitable.
Don’t you know it’s that time? 
LIVE! From New York – to you! It’s …. Monday Marketing News!
To talk about sales optimization. 
Let’s get into it. (And don’t forget the coffee!)

Today we reveal:
How do I optimize LIVE WEBINARS to make them multiply my sales?
This creates a domino effect of win-wins. You multiply your efforts and you maximize your revenue.
After testing this on countless webinars, I’ve found several strategies even the gurus don’t tell you.
I know what you’re thinking. After the zoom-apocalypse of C-world 2020… 

… do we really have a chance at making successful webinars?
And they are way better than the pre-recorded push-play videos. Oh my Lawd, no more of those. (Snooze). Those are rife with distraction. Can you say, “browser mania?!” with all those open tabs and little hope of captivating attention!
These Live Zooms are like ATMs that convert.

Here are the 3 of the 6 Optimization Levers to Pull:
 1. Capture Email Addresses with a 2-Step Registration.
Make it super easy to capture leads. So, if you split up the registration into two steps, it keeps it from a complicated, long page. Simple sells! Confusion loses the game of lead gen, especially if the form is too long and confusing. 
 2. Use Your Thank You Page Wisely.
After they register for the Live Webinar, your Thank You page can send a survey, with info to prep them for the webinar. You have the power to send them additional information, ask them more questions, and get them excited for the presentation. This is a great time to share success stories or testimonials, pushing them to the next step before the Live Webinar! 
 3. Split Testing.
Let’s maximize your results by testing, testing, testing. 
  • Test your ‘HOOK’
  • Test your Registration Process
  • Test your reminder automation
  • Test your post-event follow-up
Leave nothing untouched – don’t let your emotion get in the way of making a data-backed decision on what works better to sell more – and impact more lives with your LIVES!
I would love to share ALL of my tips with you – schedule a time to learn with me about live webinars, pick a time that works for you this week: ALEX, SHOW ME HOW TO DO IT

This week, we’re stepping away from tricks and trends and tapping into VALUE-based content! 
Regardless of platform – TikTok, IG, FB, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube – all of them currently prefer original content. 
In the spirit of LIVE webinars, let’s educate our audiences with valuable resources. I don’t know about you, but I love learning from others…they encounter books, podcasts, websites, and experts I may not have heard of.

So this week’s content prompt is:

“3 Powerful Books You Should Know”

How to try this:

• For short-form videos:

   – Original content.
Talk straight to the camera! In about 30 seconds, tell the audience what books you like, and one sentence as to why. You can even hold up the books as props. Then, add more details about them in the caption. (Here’s a trick, for the tech savvy. Add a trending audio underneath the original audio, and turn down the music volume as much as possible. It’ll help the algorithm push your video out, while keeping your content original). 

   – Trending Audio.
There are many trending audios right now that have three beats with you pointing in the air three times. Use an audio like this to point to three bubbles of text with book titles and then describe them in the caption. 

   – CTA.
Both of these should end with a CTA asking viewers their top suggestions. 
• For a carousel:

Create a carousel with either pictures of the book covers or a graphic with the book title, author, and bullet points explaining why you recommend the book. Remember to add the CT). 

Final Thought: you could change the prompt to:

“Three Powerful Websites You Should Know”

The third website could be…?
The hyperlink to your Live Webinar registration page.
See what I did there? 🙂 

Use all of the above content ideas to create the videos or posts, swapping websites for books, and you’ve created an organic lead towards your webinar while sharing value with your audience.

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And that’s a wrap for this week, ladies and gentlemen!
Til next week from Manhattan and beyond!

To your wins, 
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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