Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – August 22nd, 2022

August 22, 2022

 To Be Your Best or Not To Be…
.… That is the Question.  And today we’re examining it, Shakespeare-style. Not because you go around speaking iambic pentameter —

But because we are mixing it up a bit.
Looking at a case study.
Of none other than the Boise Bard Players!
The thing is, you don’t have to be a player to gain some gems from this.
And you definitely don’t have to be a “non-profit.”
In this case study, as you’ll see, the goal is to optimize their – and your – marketing and revenue streams.
And it’s really not that hard. 
You just have to pull back the curtain, and look at what you already have waiting in the wings of your business!
So, grab that cup of joe and let’s go … backstage!

Today’s key question is:
What can I do to improve cash flow with the same amount of effort?
The Boise Bard Players are pretty cool. They aren’t based in a traditional theatre space.
They took their cue from Shakespeare’s Globe and learned that Shakespeare is “for all,” not just the elite.
So they perform in coffeehouses, breweries, courtyards … 
But as I show you below, they are missing out on a bunch of opportunities to maximize their revenue beyond ticket sales.

They can:
 1. Go Digital.
Expand their Boise audience to a global one by offering digital passes, allowing the audience to tune in from wherever they live. 
 2. Offer VIP options.
The “Golden Ticket” idea always entices buyers, because who doesn’t want to feel special? Here, the Players could not only offer the Digital Pass, but also send VIP members a Playbill and some concession snacks or a small gift shop item specific to the play, such as a bookmark, sticker or pen. 
 3. Create Training.
Shakespeare fans and acting students would love to learn from experts such as the performers, directors or artistic coaches associated with the Boise Bard. Imagine creating group coaching where interested patrons sign up for classes to get feedback on a monologue from the same play being performed? 
 4. Sell Replays.  
With Patreon in place, maybe they already do this. But, just like the digital passes, the replays are simply another revenue stream from their existing content.
 5. Get Social.
They can use social media to their advantage by encouraging IG, FB and TikTok users to participate in a contest. Maybe it’s creatively performing two lines from the play and tagging the Boise Bard Players IG, TikTok and Facebook to create hype and momentum. The Players could even assign a hashtag per contest and play, such as #boisebardallswell.
But you’re thinking, “Alex, I’m not a theatre buff! How does this relate to me?” How does this translate to your business, coaching platform, or service?
Think creatively. Brainstorm how you can increase your revenue without increasing your workflow – or at least, not by much. 
What do you already have at your disposal?
Use this case study to hone your missed chances for exponential revenue streams.
Consider for yourself. How can you:

 1. Digitally double up.
How can I multiply what I already do simply by adding a live component by webinar or by recording and selling it? Even if it’s at a reduced rate, you’ve multiplied your income with little to no extra work. 
 2. Offer a VIP bump.
Glam up the digital download, recording, or live webinar. Make them feel more involved, present, or catered to. Could you mail them a book, email them an e-book, or ship them a piece of branded merchandise?
 3. Train.
In what way can you educate your ideal client or customer in a group setting that you have not done before? How can they get a “backstage pass” to what you already know? A one-hour group training could provide a significant boost to your bottom line and be a great way to spread word-of-mouth marketing.
 4. Up Your Social Media Engagement.
Have more fun with social media. Mix it up with contests that involve trending audios and funny skits. Have them tag you and use a hashtag you provide. With the new IG Reel “Add Yours” sticker, this could be VERY viral. Try it!
So, start brainstorming how to expand your revenue streams through your existing workflow, and drop a comment on my FB page to let me know what’s working for you!

This week, we’re treating you to two prompts. BONUS! 
One trend that is not budging in social media is “authentic” and “original” content. Audiences are consuming Reels, TikToks and Shorts that show the “real” you. 
Maybe you already knew that.

To capture this, BTS (behind-the-scenes) content is extremely popular. So, peel back the curtain and let the audience see what’s literally backstage in your business. 
The glossy, pristine image is not the full story, and clients know it. They want to know what makes you tick. 
So, this week’s first content prompt is:

“What Does It Look Like Behind-the-Scenes? Get a Sneak Peek!?”….
Best way to try this:
For short-form videos: A Day-in-the-Life Reel.
Pick a trending audio (one with the little arrow pointing to the upper right hand corner) and show them 3-5 short clips or photos of what your day looks like, from the morning coffee, to the to-do list, drafts of your work, client work, product production, shipment or the like! Pro-tip: keep the lighting bright and take the viewer on a real journey.  IG, FB, TikToks and Shorts can ALL do this! 

I couldn’t resist a Shakespearean inspired prompt this week, so let’s play with COMPLIMENTING your ideal client.
Your customers and clients always want to feel valued. Why don’t you take the time to show what you appreciate most about them, using a spin-off from this GIF and quote?
This week’s second content prompt is:

“Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day?”….

See, even in Dead Poet’s Society above, the boys understood the power of listing compliments. Even if they were stealing lines from the Bard.
For the tech savvy:
Screen record the gif above, then post it either stand alone as a reel, or as the preface to your own recording, where you name several of the favorite characteristics of your customers. Why do you love working with your clients? TELL THEM! This will create a sense of reciprocity, appreciation and, unknowingly, begin to draw similarly-minded clients to your door. If you can’t screen record, find a still image of the above, and post it as the first image in a carousel, using the same idea. VOILA! You’ve wooed them like Shakespeare! 

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So “once more into the breech my friends?” or
Your “kingdom for a horse”?

See? Even the greatest mind needs to work behind-the-scenes…
How about: “Give me your hands if we be friends?”

And — curtain! To your success! 

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