Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – August 15th, 2022

August 15, 2022

Today you’re getting the insider guide to writing emails that convert your subscribers into loyal customers. 
By email.

See, there’s no reason to keep this a secret from you.
Because if you put this one strategy to work, you can:

-dramatically boost your ROI, 
-increase your engagement, 
-reinforce your brand story, 
-create a community of loyal customers,
-and protect your list from the dangers of social media glitches.
Did you catch that? 
You own a vault of warm leads that has an extremely high ROI. 
Meaning more sales.
Let’s make this really loud and clear.

You need this. So, I’m unlocking my treasury of tips and tricks to help you make more from one of the most valuable commodities you (hopefully already) have – your email list.
Buckle up … this one’s speeding at you like a paper airplane shot behind the teacher’s back …

Remember Social Media-Aggedon last year? The Social Media Blackout of October 4, 2021 meant that Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were all down – simultaneously – for seven hours. 
It felt like we should all just throw in the towel, or our devices …

Businesses, from those with large companies with huge ad spend, down to small creators with online shops, were crippled.
They had another way of reaching customers.
Enter Email. 
Email marketing is the recession-proof way to stay in your clients line-of-sight. And the ROI is insane. 
Of the 4 billion emails sent world-wide every day, it is estimated that the ROI is:

Mind-blowing. So, not only are your warm leads not subject to an algorithm, but they are nearly guaranteed to increase your bottom line – if done correctly.
I’m going to speed-teach how to write clickable subject lines and the two best email campaigns to send: value-add emails and newsletters.
Subject lines are like profile pics on dating apps in our attention-deficient world; readers take milliseconds to decide if they are going to open it.
I could write an entire blog post just on engaging subject lines, but for now…
Get your list to open emails with these tips:
Keep it short (6-10 words), around 40 characters
Use humor or surprise
Activate FOMO, 
Pique curiosity, 
Address a pain point using a # (3 Ways to Declutter)
Emojis are optional: but 56% of brands claim they improve open rates
Remember to use the Pre-Header or Preview Text (that part of the email you can read the first couple of lines of… readers use this to gauge if they’ll open it, too). Almost 25% of people choose to open based on these tiny lines.
You can google “Best Email Subject Lines,” and you will find dozens of articles listing marketers’ best performers. You can use them word-for-word, or, better yet, adapt them for your customers. 
Here’s why: 47% of email subscribers decide whether they will open it based entirely on the subject line. 

So truthfully, I often start my email writing by creating my subject line. Then the content is much easier to write. 
BONUS. Let’s give you a leg up:
150 Best Subject Lines
 100 Best Subject Lines

Now, with the two best types of email campaigns, what do we want is to:
– Add Value
– Increase Brand Loyalty
– Improve Sales
– Deepen Personal Connection
1. Write a Value-Add Email Campaign. This could take the form of a series, where you “drip” several tips about your product or service over several emails. Keep each short and simple. 
For instance, if you are selling life insurance, assume that they know nothing about life insurance. Start by briefly describing why they need it and should take action on it. But instead of overwhelming readers with too much information, give them just a nugget of knowledge they should know. Let’s say your clients don’t know the benefits of life insurance for those who are living. This would be a great campaign. Share one piece of why life insurance is good in a series, one each week, for 4 weeks.
2. Newsletters.  Now, newsletters are handy because they straddle the line between promotion and value. 
The thing is, you should not only share what is going on in your own business, but also what is going on in the industry. What do they need to know? Be the one to share it. 

The most important elements that you are providing are information, education, or inspiration to your audience. Keep readers in the know, without them having to do all the footwork of hunting through online trends, market reports and business summaries. 

You’re their shortcut. Think of categories they would want to hear about, then present it to them in a fun, fast, easily-digestable way.
Email campaigns can simply have one sales gist, too: a promotion for an event, product or service, an invite to a giveaway, or sharing content to get them to buy. But keep it personal to them. These are more specific, and less nurturing, but still needed and effective.
Now, here’s a checklist for a great email:
  🗹 Killer Subject Line
  🗹 Engaging Preview Text
  🗹 Captivating Hook (first line)
  🗹 Personalized language – use their name
  🗹 Audience specific – know who you’re writing to and write in their lingo, not yours
  🗹 Problem-solving – How can you or your product help their needs, pains, or desires?
  🗹 A strong, single Call To Action (CTA)
Now, if you feel unsure how to do this, there are plenty of free guides and courses online to help you. 
Here’s a start: – This is literally one of the most comprehensive guides to beginning, improving or growing your email marketing strategy. There is even a downloadable guide within the guide. This one is worth your time.
Or you could check out some examples to model (not copy) your emails:

But for your purposes, I’ve prepared this resource to make it even easier on you. This one is especially designed for insurance agents. I’ve taken the guesswork out for you.

With these, you can hit the ground running with files to inspire you. 
So get to it! There is money on the table – $42 per $1, remember? It’s time to crank up those writing juices and take these tips to the bank!

We’re smack dab in the middle of Q3, and with only a few short months before the end of 2022 (I know, I know…), we all need to start thinking about this one. 
So, why not share one thing that you are going to focus on as a jumpstart, then prompt your audience to answer the same in the comments?
This week’s content prompt is:
“What is your #1 goal to accomplish before the end of the year?”….
A few ways you could try this are:
For IG Reels: Pick a trending audio (one with the little arrow pointing to the upper right hand corner) that allows you to share a statement, and then write a prompt on the reel asking them to comment with their goal below.
Create a simple original talking audio in TikTok, where you share the importance of looking ahead and focusing on one goal. Share yours to create a sense of community, and ask them to comment below with theirs.
Use a single-image post or carousel, where you show an image of your goal, and write a brief caption sharing yours and asking for theirs. One caveat: IG is no longer prioritizing images. If you want to reach further, though, try short videos. This goes for all social media platforms. Short form video content is king.
Create a short video using text and audio, but not your face. If you’re camera shy, you can use Canva templates to create a short, animated picture (simply press “animate” at the bottom of editing an image) and write your text as a simple prompt. Choose a trending audio to boost reach. 

As always, at the end of the reel, post, video, etc, use the prompt as your Call to Action (CTA). Inspire them to contribute, then engage with their thoughts.  This should be shared across all of your social media platforms, i.e. TikTok, IG, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. 
BONUS: This content prompt will help you craft emails to address their end-of-the-year intentions!  Study what they say and use it in your marketing!

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So are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and start emailing your list? You have the power right at your fingertips! 

To your email success!
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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