Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – August 1st, 2022

August 1, 2022

“You Want It, You Got It” … Ariana was right!
I mean, Thank You, NEXT! Right?! Sometimes, we just want to move on – fast – to the next client, project, or strategy!
When it comes to marketing, though, Ariana was onto something. See, our customers are often at a moment of decision. Let’s call it a “Thank You, Next!” pivot.
And they don’t even realize it.
(Heck, neither do we! And we’re missing out on a golden opportunity.)

There’s more to be offered on the Thank You page than just a receipt or confirmation. 
This is called Thank You Page marketing.   
Yep! Sometimes the best marketing tips are staring at you right in the face.
I remember the first time I was told that I should add marketing material to my thank you page.
I thought my coach was crazy, LOL.
But then he shared an insight that changed everything.
Wanna hear it?
Once the buyer has landed on the Thank You page, the buyer is already in buying mode. 
Wait … what?
They just made a commitment! Maybe they bought a product or scheduled an appointment. 
So they are already in action-taking mode.
Mind blown…How had I not thought of this?
You know how when you are in line at the movie theater to buy popcorn? (You can smell it already, can’t you?)
You have already made the decision to buy the movie ticket, and buy the popcorn; now you get to stare at all the yummy candy while you wait! You shouldn’t, but there’s a package deal, so….
In the online marketing world, right after you have entered your credit card information and made your initial purchase, you are still in the “checkout line“ and can easily add more items to your order.
But instead of it being Sean, or Ricky, or Pete, or Malcolm – it’s time for your next offer.

So, right now, I want to encourage you to do one of these 3 activities:
1.  Add a social media follow link on the Thank You page for scheduling an appointment. They have already committed to talking to you. Now you’re asking them to follow you on social media. Easy! This is a great way for you to build a relationship with your prospects before your call.  
2. Add a link to another popular product you offer on the Thank You page/receipt of your online store. They are in a buying mood; encourage them to buy more!
3. Add a link to a low-ticket product on the Thank You page to register for your upcoming webinar. They are setting aside some time to talk to you and are taking interest in you. It’s logical they may want to learn more for a nominal fee!

Ok. NEXT! Now that you’re ready to keep the ball rolling when you’ve got your ideal customer hooked in action mode, let’s batch some content!  This one can “ring true” 😉 with Ariana Grande again:

Begin brainstorming this:
“My seven favorite purchases have been …” and name seven of your juiciest, happiest, most “you” purchases, to introduce you to your audience. Don’t only focus on how this relates to your product or service. Focus more on connecting authentically with your audience. Why? They want to know YOU! They also like having fun, and participating in happiness with you!
So … try to add your favorites, and then invite them to add theirs.
The final content prompt, when you post, will look like this:
“My seven favorite purchases have been X (name 1-7). What’s yours?”
Use this across all of your social media platforms. The key with this week’s prompt is ENGAGEMENT. You are asking them to add their seven favorite purchases. 
So, remember what that means. After they add their seven favs, you. need. to. reply. to. their. comments!
Don’t post and?
Enjoy this content prompt and engage with your followers!

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So, you wanted it? You got it! Your Marketing Coach Newsletter has given you some of your favorite things this week…
Go make some marketing magic – and some money!
Thank you! 

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