Success Comes Through Perseverance – Allow Yourself Time and Mentally Prepare For It

“My campaign has been live for a week and I only got ___ leads”

“I had to fire my caller, she only made one appointment per hour the first couple days. She doesn’t have it”

“I couldn’t figure it out easily, so I ended the free trial”

“I can’t spend time learning this, so I’d like a refund”

I hear these statements regularly.

None of the entrepreneurs that tell me these things are successful (by their measure, or mine).

They’re looking for shortcuts – which is fine – but they’re not willing to spend the time to refine their process.

When I want a new desk in my office I buy it on Amazon so I don’t have to spend the time chopping down trees… but I still need to assemble the desk.

When you hire a team member you will have to refine your system and help them overcome obstacles.

When you start to use a new software platform there is a learning curve.

When you launch a marketing campaign there will be optimizations and tweaks you’ll have to make so it works for you.

When you hire a coach there are going to be suggestions they make that won’t fit your circumstance.

You need grit.

You need patience.

You need to allow yourself time to perfect a process or a campaign.

You need grace for new team members as they adapt to you and your business methods.

When you quit, you don’t just lose the time invested in the person, software, or campaign. You also strengthen your Quitting Muscle, and it’s a lot easier to quit again in the future!

I wish, for your sake and mine, that every team member you hired was up and running in a week. However, if I held anyone on my team to that standard, I wouldn’t have a team. I’d be flying solo – complaining that I can’t find any good people.

I wish all software was easy to use and delivered results on day one. However, if I didn’t allow myself a learning curve then I would have quit ClickFunnels after a week and never worked my way to my Two Comma Club award.

I wish all of my marketing campaigns worked right away so I didn’t have to spend money on ads that didn’t convert. However, if I allowed myself to throw in the towel as opposed to tweaking my parameters then I would not have ever had a campaign generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for my business – I would have turned it off before it hit gold!

My push for you is to focus on the GOAL and set your timelines accordingly.

If you need help, reach out to me. I want you to have success in all areas of your life and your business, and I want it to happen fast. However they also need to be realistic, and I can help set those timelines.

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