Let’s Talk Investing! (Alex Branning Stock Picks June 2021)

Last year I posted a list of the companies I was investing in, and it was really well received. My personal stock portfolio almost tripled, and the gains I made allowed me to buy our house (woo hoo!)
Here’s a list of the stocks I’m excited about in 2021. 🎉🎉
I am listing the companies, and then the three questions I ask myself when I’m picking a stock.
*** AIRLINES ***
I still love the travel industry, and I see a lot of growth in the shares of the companies as we continue to pull out of COVID lockdowns around the globe. I’m invested in quite a few, but my favorites are…
$ICAGY (British Air)
$JBLU (JetBlue)
$SAVE (Spirit Airlines)
$LUV (Southwest)
I think the cruise industry will either crater and die… or rebound to pre-pandemic levels! I am putting my money on the rebound, and I’ve invested in every single cruise line. Here’s my three favorites:
$CCL (Carnival)
$RCL (Royal Caribbean)
$NCLH (Norwegian Cruise)
*** HEALTH CARE 2.0 ***
Health care is changing right before our eyes, and the advancement of new technologies and new ways to “see” patients is really exciting. I have barely dabbled in this industry but I’m excited to follow it.
$TDOC (Teladoc)
*** ENERGY 2.0 ***
I am predicting that energy companies who are implementing new technologies will see huge growth, but it’s also a very risky business. I have invested into a few different companies here, and am not sinking too much capital into it yet… but I am watching with baited breath to see how they do!
$PLUG (Plug Power)
$XL (XL Fleet)
*** Battered Companies that Will Recover ***
COVID absolutely devastated a few companies, and I am investing/betting my money that these companies will rebound over the long term.
$CNK (Cinemark)
$CS (Credit Suisse bank)
$SABR (Saber Technologies, a Travel software)
$TRVG (Trivago, the Travel planning web site)
$TRIP (Tripadvisor, another Travel planning web site)
I don’t go for meme stocks or the cheapest stocks, I invest with a longer-term view.
I got absolutely crushed in the crypto space, both in the currencies/coins themselves and with my investment into Coinbase. Ugh.
Please note that I am not a financial professional, my portfolio is teeny tiny, you should do your own research before investing a penny, and do not invest anything that you can’t afford to lose.

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