Why does ClickFunnels require SendGrid?

(originally posted by Catlin Bettridge in the ClickFunnels Facebook group)


Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about Actionetics..

As many of you know, I have the $297/month Etison Suite plan from ClickFunnels, and I use Actionetics (with SendGrid) as my email marketing software..

I get asked the same 2 questions over and over again about Actionetics:

1.) If an SMTP service like SendGrid is the thing actually sending my email, what value does Actionetics even give me?

2.) If I’m already paying for Actionetics, why do I also need to pay for an SMTP service like SendGrid?

Here’s the answer to both those questions..

Actionetics works just like every other email marketing software does..

Every email marketing software uses an SMTP service to send its customers emails..

(For example: ConvertKit uses MailGun SMTP to send all of their customers emails)

The major difference with Actionetics is that they let you choose which SMTP you want to work with, and they allow you to setup up to 3 different SMTP integrations in your ClickFunnels account..

Whereas with ConvertKit you’re forced to use MailGun..

(But you probably didn’t even realize this because it all happens behind the scenes and is completely out of your control..)

With ConvertKit, every single customer shares a single MailGun account that is owned and controlled by ConvertKit..

Because of this, they’re naturally paranoid about having that one account shut down..

Because the actions of one spammy user can effect the email deliverability rates of all ConvertKit customers..

Whereas when you use Actionetics, you have your very own dedicated SMTP service that only sends your emails and no one else’s..

This same reason is why email marketing softwares like MailChimp and Active Campaign generally frown upon marketers like us having affiliate links in our emails..

They simply can’t afford to take the risk of having their only SMTP account that’s shared by all of their customers shut down, or the email deliverability rates of their entire user base negatively impacted by the actions of one or a few rogue customers..

But if you’re an affiliate Marketer using Actionetics, you have absolutely nothing to worry about..

Because if your SMTP account gets shut down, you just hit the ‘destroy SMTP’ button within your ClickFunnels dashboard and plug in a new one..

All of your contacts, stats and action funnels (sequences) are preserved and protected, and you just carry on right where you left off like nothing bad even happened to you..

I like to think of it as like having ‘removable batteries’ for your email marketing software..

If the batteries die – you just change them – no big deal, right?

But with MailChimp, Active Campaign, etc. it’s sort of like having a phone with a built in battery..

If the battery dies, you’re pretty much gonna need to buy a brand new phone..

And if you didn’t back up your contacts, apps and text messages before it unexpectedly died on you – you’re basically out of luck..

So this is why Actionetics is the absolute safest solution when doing email marketing promoting affiliate offers to the make money online niche like many of us are..

If you upgrade your ClickFunnels account to unlock Actionetics, you’re going to be able to sleep much better at night..

And if you were annoyed at and a bit confused confused by the fact you had to pay $10/month for SendGrid when you’re already shelling out for Actionetics, hopefully this post sheds some light on the reasoning and the clever strategy behind this..

Being forced to get your own dedicated SMTP account in order to be able to use Actionetics in your affiliate marketing business isn’t to screw with you, it’s to protect you..

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