Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – September 12, 2022

September 12, 2022

When you open today’s newsletter, you’re going to find the correct links I should’ve sent… And actually did!
“What?” You say. “Is this a trick?”
Not exactly. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most underused secrets in marketing:
The “mistake” email.
After all, didn’t Brittany make us look twice when she came out with her smash hit?

So grab that Monday mojo, your cup of caffeine, and let’s go!

Let me tell you a story. Funny thing happened once when I sent out an email with mistakes. Lots of them. In fact, I created the mistakes on purpose. To prospect.
Imagine that!
And guess what? It worked like magic!
“Mistakes” catch people’s eye. Here’s how I use a mistake email to catch prospects’ attention.
Hey Alex this is Alex Branning checking in period new paragraph

It’s been about a week since I emailed you last comma just wanted to circle back around and make sure you had your questions answered I would love to work with you exclamation mark

You can reply to this email or schedule a call at 

Have a great day exclamation mark
The response was overwhelming. It was one of my highest performing emails.
The truth is, it incited several psychological triggers that work well.

 1. Humanity. Mistakes are Human.
We’re all human. We all have dictation trouble. And we all make mistakes. I mean, we all have dictated an email or two, right? And Siri still doesn’t always get it right. Right?

 2. Humor.
Admit it – it’s funny! I mean, I wrote it, and even I can’t keep from laughing!  

 3. Curiosity.
It’s a bit of a puzzle. You have to unravel it. As the reader, you’re probably wondering – “How is Alex going to fix this flub?”

 4. Engagement.
Most people want to help (or correct) errors. So what do they do? They hit reply and engage with me. That means we’re back in contact, and through self-deprecation, too.
   So, how can you use this?

Well, you’re welcome to steal my template above and adapt it for your own business. Use it as a script. 
1. Throw in one or two typos in an email or in a caption of a social media post. Just don’t make it offensive!
2. Misquote a famous quote. 
Now the bottom line is to increase engagement and have some fun. Not to be manipulative, conniving or underhanded. Keep it light and engaging. And definitely don’t overuse it. You’ll just be seen as the kid that flunked high school English class!
Great! Onwords and upwards! 😂

This week, we’re hopping on a trend. It’s pointing out something that you, the narrator, can’t believe is happening. It’s a riff off of a British newsflash, and so far, it’s taken a small creator on TikTok to over a million views.

Watch On TikTok

Here’s how you can use it:

Using Your Service:
It’s unbelievable how incredible your results are. Point that out, then list some of the specific statistics and benefits clients achieve.
For instance: “When I open my company emails to find my latest client has 10 new prospects, 3 new clients, and 2 new ideas for expansion”
Not Using Your Service:
It’s unbelievable how much good people struggle when they don’t take advantage of working with an expert like you. You can make their life so much easier! And get them results! Point that out, then list some of the specific statistics and downfalls they have by not being your client..
For instance: “When I see that client who passed on working with me struggling with X, Y and Z, and we want to make it so much easier for them”
Remember, be specific, engaging and funny. This trend is hot on TikTok, which means it’s coming to IG soon. Get on it early!

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And that’s a wrap!
Make some mistakes, save the House of Commons, and see if your Reeeelllly going to change your strategy on Instagram.

To your success exclamation point dash wink emoji

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