Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – November 21, 2022

November 21, 2022

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And then, keep reading to learn why Black Friday is a day you don’t want to slack on!

Black Friday… the day the world goes crazy!
There’s no other day in the year where people will line up for HOURS outside just to get into a store, stand in more lines just to check out, and potentially get into a fight or two over a TV.

But because of the craziness of it all, some business owners may decide to forgo offering a Black Friday Sale.
Here’s why it’s still worth it.
Just as shoppers are looking for all the best deals in stores, they are also looking for all the best deals online.
That means they want to see a sale from you too!
But how do you make sure your sale stands out amidst the rest? Here are some ideas:
1. Tease your sale ahead of time 
We’ll get into this one more below!

2. Play into the scarcity mindset 
Creating a sense of urgency makes deals stand out from everyone else’s. It makes people think that if they don’t get what you’re offering right now, they will miss out on it forever.

3. Email is king! 
Nothing truly replaces the effectiveness of a good email campaign. Show up in your audience’s inboxes – and often – to make sure they know about, and can’t forget about, your amazing Black Friday sale!

4. Offer exclusive deals to long-time customers
Make sure your current and long-term customers feel appreciated for their loyalty! This would be a great time – especially right before the holidays – to create a deal that is exclusively for them!

5. Offer a referral program
Give people an incentive to share your social media posts, newsletters, etc with the people in their world. Not only will you end up with more new eyes on your deal, but the incentives may be what encourages your current readers to finally try out your offer also!

6. People love bonuses!
Offer a free gift or bonus to anyone who purchases your Black Friday deal! You wouldn’t believe how that extra perk can make the difference for buyers!

7. Set up an abandoned cart pop-up or campaign
You will find more “online window shoppers” during your Black Friday sale than at any other time, so this is a great time to make sure you have pop-ups set up for those who are about to leave without buying, or emails set up for those who left their cart. According to Cait Carter at Constant Contact, “Nearly half (45%) of abandoned cart emails are opened. Of the email users who open them, 21% will click through to their cart, and half of those users will buy the items.”!
These ideas only scratch the surface of what you can do to make sure your Black Friday deal stands out, but by following these steps, you’re sure to have a productive sale period that was worth the effort!

If you want to make sure your Black Friday sale stands out then you need to pique curiosity and anticipation for your offer.
One of the ideas above was to tease your sale ahead of time, which makes this the perfect time to do so with posts like this…
“I can’t wait for you to see what I have coming up on Black Friday!”
“Have you wanted to learn more about ______? Come back Friday for more!”
You could also post graphics of your offer with a big “Coming soon!” above it so people have a good idea of what your offer is!
Whatever you choose to do, start doing this today to start preparing your audience for what’s to come!

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With only 4 days left until Black Friday, you still have time to create an irresistible offer and tease it in the days to come.
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