Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022

Hey there!
Chris Murphy here, taking over Alex’s Marketing Coach Newsletter this week.
In case we haven’t met, I’m a certified Clickfunnels Design Hacker, award winning funnel designer, copywriter and I’ve had the pleasure of building a number of funnels for Alex over the years.
My introduction to the marketing world was a bit unconventional.
I didn’t go to school for marketing or copywriting.
Nope… I was an actor and improv comedy teacher/performer and had to learn how to market myself in order to pay the bills.
I was in an extremely saturated industry and learned early on I needed to stand out.
One day I discovered that none of my peers were following up with casting directors and theater companies after their auditions.
They just waited.
Waited for the phone call or email that gave them the “yes” or the “no”.
I decided, I didn’t want to just wait.
I was going to do something “unheard of” and follow-up with the directors and companies I auditioned for.
That decision changed everything. 
I quickly started booking consistent work and getting invited to auditions.
Not because I was good looking or necessarily a better actor than other people… it was because I stayed at the top of mind by following up more than others.
This idea excited me and led me to the career I truly love: marketing.

I tell you that story because I have two things you need to understand.
   1. You’re not following up enough.
Here are some exciting statistics I want you to know:
60% of customers say no 4x before saying “yes”
50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact
44% of businesses give up after one follow up
92% of businesses give up after the 4th follow up
If you’re thinking, “Wait Chris, why would it be exciting that customers say “no” so often and that it takes so many contacts to get a sale?” Take a look again!
Most businesses simply give up.
Only 8% of businesses follow-up more than 4 times!
What does this mean for you?
If you simply keep showing up for your prospects by following up with them, you are more likely to get the sale over your competition! 
This leads me to my next point…

   2. You’re not annoying your prospects by following up.
There is a common fear that we’re annoying or “bugging” our prospects and leads by following up with them.
We worry that they don’t want to hear from us.
Or we get frustrated and upset when they don’t return our calls or emails.
We feel slighted. 
Like we’ve been ghosted by a Tinder date.
“I thought we were having such a great time? Why won’t they text back!”
We get angry and send messages like, “Since I haven’t heard back from you I’m going to assume you’re not interested anymore.” As if making them feel shame or guilt is the solution.

Or, we decide to be stubborn.
We put the responsibility on them.
“If they really want my service, they’ll reach out to me.”
Then another business or service provider swoops in and gets their business, while we were busy sulking in the corner.
The truth is, a massive mindset shift has to occur in order to master follow-up.
Your prospects DO WANT to hear from you.
But, they’re busy and they’re being bombarded by marketing messages all day long.
It’s normal to get drowned out by the noise, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
But, you should never assume.
It’s up to you to stay positive and to remind them that you are still there, ready to help them.
I love what Jeff Shore has to say about the subject, “People don’t buy from you because you bother them: they buy from you because you care more than anyone else. Follow-up is the missing link that vaults mediocre salespeople to extraordinary levels of success.” 
Extraordinary levels of success are possible for your business.
But, you’ve got to learn the art of effective following up.

Anyone can get great at following up.
It just takes practice.
But, it’s impossible to get the necessary reps in if you don’t have a pool of prospects to follow up with or if you aren’t consistently growing your list.
So start there, grow your list.
One of the best ways to grow a list is with a powerful Lead Magnet Funnel.
Not sure what a Lead Magnet is?
It’s simply a free resource you give your prospect in exchange for their contact number.
But, don’t just give anything away.
Your Lead Magnet should be  something your prospect actually wants.
Why do I emphasize “actually wants”?
Let’s be real. You know what I mean.
We’ve all opt-ed in for Lead Magnets that we didn’t actually want.
Free presentations/courses/case studies/webinars/etc. etc. that have died in our digital course graveyards (or never made it past their confirmation emails.)

Free eBooks or guidebooks that are gathering dust on our digital bookshelves, because we just don’t have the time to read them.
Essentially, any Lead Magnet that takes too much time to consume… is a Lead Magnet that a prospect doesn’t actually want.
That’s a pretty strong statement.
But, I stand by it.
So, what do they actually want?
A quick win.
When your free resource brings your prospect a quick win without them needing to “work” or spend time and energy consuming it, you have a powerful Lead Magnet.
Furthermore, you’ve positioned yourself as someone who is a leader, expert, and authority in your niche.
You’ve earned more of their trust.
They believe you are the person that can help them solve their problem, because you’ve already given them a quick win.
Don’t believe me? Think about how you got on Alex’s email list.
Chances are you opt-ed in for one of his awesome Lead Magnets over the years.
He’s always giving away copy-n-paste scripts or emails, plug-n-play marketing material, 14-day trials to softwares, funnel templates and other resources that all bring his audience QUICK WINS that position him as the marketing expert he is.
This strategy works.
It will work for you too.
Here’s what I want you to do:
Open a Google Doc.
Start a timer for 5 minutes.
Write down as many problems (Issues, complaints, areas of confusion, etc.) your prospects experience that you can think of.
Don’t edit yourself. Just write anything that comes to mind.
Once your 5 minutes are complete, review your list.
Put an asterisk(*) next to a problem(s) you can offer a quick win to.
Now you have a potential Lead Magnet you can use to grow your list!
Now it’s just a matter of creating the actual free resource, opt-in funnel, and follow-up sequence.
But the most important ingredient––the quick win––is complete!

Are you ready to create a Lead Magnet that builds your list with raving fans? 
I am holding a free training on November 16th called Lead Magnets Made Easy where I share the secrets, tricks, and methods I have learned to create powerful lead magnets and lead magnet funnels.
During this live training I am going to give you my…

Simple 7-Step Framework to Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets so you’ll never waste time creating a lead magnet nobody wants!
Shower-Thought Subject Line Method that gets your audience to open your emails instead of sending them to the trash bin!
Follow-Up Fanatic Formula that keeps you at the top of your prospect’s mind and gets them to know, like, and trust you faster!
The training is completely free and replays will be available for a short time.
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