Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – July 4th, 2022

July 4, 2022    

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-Alex Branning

I’m amazed at how often this simple idea is overlooked. This one, simple, fast way to consistently create lead gen.   

What is it? <Drum roll please! 🥁> 

The Giveaway Funnel.  It’s my personal favorite. 

You know the science behind a successful business. The Equation to grow is simple:  

Leads: You need new, high quality leads every day

 Sales: You must have a system in place to close those leads

 Referrals: These are Free Leads from happy clients

 Replication: Build systems you can duplicate and delegate to others

  Team: Build a team of all-stars around you 

What if we could put that entire Equation into one Formula? Your Giveaway Funnel! Here’s what it would look like: 

 Step 1 – Ad Click. Your ideal prospect sees your ad offering a chance to win a gift card! They click into your funnel.  

Step 2 – Enter Contest. They’ve landed in your funnel, and now enter the Giveaway Funnel contest. They enter their name, email & phone number for a chance to win your prize  

Step 3 – Qualifying Questions. After entering their contact info, they are taken to a page where they are asked a few “qualifying questions” that help you determine if they are a good fit (a hot lead).  

Step 4 – Thank You Page. After answering, the lead is taken to a thank-you page. Here, they can double their entry by sharing the contest on Facebook. Your calendar is directly embedded on the page, making it so easy for your prospects to schedule an appointment!  

That’s it!  

Then YOU become the wizard behind the curtain, letting the Giveaway Funnel System execute Email Automation and Lead Nurturing. 

Remember: the real gold of The Giveaway Funnel is LEADS. You now have as many leads as you have entries, and they all enter an automated 8-step email sequence we provide for you. 

Boom! You’ve now created the perfect scenario for the lead to get to know, like & trust you

 You’ve Hit the Marketing Gold Mine: Automation & Lead Gen! 

Automatic Leads:
Once someone enters your Giveaway, you will receive an automated email and text message with their contact information

Automatically Downloaded into Your CRM:
All of their information will be saved in your Agent CRM account (or the software of your choice). Inside of Agent CRM you’ll be able to see what emails they opened, what text messages were delivered, etc.

“Hot Transfer” Trigger to Call You:

You have the option of setting up a survey question as a trigger for us to call you and connect you with the lead using the “Hot Transfer”! 

Your Follow Up Process

• In addition to the 8-step email follow-up sequence, you have the opportunity to personally text and call your new leads

• We provide you with text and call scripts to use when following up 

Ideas for Your Niche – Get Creative with It! Think about WHO you want to target.

• You’re Targeting Homeowners? Give away a Home Depot gift card (because that draws in homeowners, not renters)
• You’re Selling Motorcycle Insurance: Give away a gift card to a local Harley Davidson or motorcycle shop
• You’re a Local Florist: Give away a local restaurant gift card combined with flowers from your shop 

Learn More About The Giveaway Funnel:

Jump on this trend, and use this formula to create your post or video on your social media platforms: 

Best Way To Do “X” in 2022 

Use this by replacing ‘X’ with what is most relevant for your business. 

For instance:

Best way to Get a Life Insurance Quote.

Best way to Choose Your Home Insurance

Best way to Find the Florist of Your Dreams Apply these ideas to your niche and biggest needs, then use them everywhere! Dish them out with every content piece you can!

For instance:
• TikTok Videos 
• Youtube Shorts  
• IG & FB Reels  
• Carousels Posts, and even the new trend 
• Reels with Polls
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The 11 Most Effective Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2022
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Take this content prompt and run with it – in your TikTok, IG, Facebook and even LinkedIn posts and reels: 

“My favorite question people ask me is…” 

Personalizing your brand is a great way to stay safe in risky times.
Stocks, products and trends will change. But, your brand? You as your brand? That is irreplaceable.
Get to know your audience, and let them get to know you.
Even Instagram is prioritizing original content. (That’s you!) So get out there! 

See you next week in Your Marketing Coach for more marketing news, tips and tricks!
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