Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – July 11th, 2022

July 11, 2022 
  “I feel the need, the need for … Speed!”

That’s right! You asked for it, remember? And that’s exactly what you’re getting this week in Your Marketing Newsletter. Skimmers, this one’s for you. We’re headed through your marketing ideas, prompts, trends and news at mach speed. 
So hold onto that coffee, because this one might rattle a bit as you speed through our recommendations. 
You’re about to enter your target rich environment, where your client is sure to find you. 
Ok, ready?

Engagement is King on social media right now.
There’s no denying that …
YouTube and 
… are starting to be as important to your marketing strategy as LinkedIn and paid traffic.  This organic content is going off the charts. And it’s your job to jump on board.
But the worst thing you can do is just create. Post and ghost. 
Do you like it when your friend leaves your text on “Read?” 
But more than that, you are the one missing out. The higher the engagement, the higher the ROI in social media. In this scenario, the ROI is the time and energy you (or your team) spends on boosting engagement on every platform. 
And engagement builds? Connection.
How much money have you spent on ads to connect with your audience?
Well, how about if it was free? That is the power of social media, friend.
The equation is quite simple:
Engagement = Connection.
Connection = High ROI.
High ROI =?
Better Bottom Line
Want a shortcut?
Engagement equals more sales.
So don’t get caught up in “vanity metrics” –  that nasty comparison game of “who has more followers this month.”
That’s ego, Goose. 
Instead, focus on increasing engagement through Cs:

– Content marketing strategy, usually with 3-4 content pillars

– Consistency in posting (decide what you can realistically maintain, and do that)

– Comments on other people’s posts in your industry and timely replies to comments on your posts. 
And if you really want to push through the noise in the social media static, find a way to foster a final CCommunity. 
If you can build a community in your social network, you’ve found the way to climb higher in your engagement, conversions and sales! You’ve cracked the code on SOCIAL media!
And the finicky algorithm will reward you. Speaking of which, spy on your own Insights regularly to understand when your audience is most engaged to naturally find them. Be ready to spend 30 minutes before and after posting to find your audience, chat with them through comments and messaging, and post while they are watching! 
By the way, engagement can lead to collaborations, partnerships, shared IG Lives, sponsored posts and more. Never underestimate the power of engagement. 
I’d rather have 500 engaged followers than 10,000 silent followers purchased as fake bots. Those 500 will still need 7 touch points for sales, but think how easy that is on social media!
We’re just getting started on these tips, but I promised this newsletter would be speedy, so … 
Stay tuned for more social media tricks and tips, and in the meantime, what’s your content going to look like this week? 
How about trying this? 👇
    Now that you are fired up to produce engagement across your social media platforms, let’s try this as a “getting to know me” prompt. “I am passionate about my job because…” Try to:• Throwback to your why. Perhaps you even dreamed about this as a kid

• Visualize what your life would be without experiencing this job. Paint a contrasting picture of how bad it would be without it vs. how great it is with it

• Share your expertise, emphasizing skills that validate why a client should hire you

• Explain why it gets you up in the morning, the emotional pull of your work

• Emphasize how much you enjoy helping your ideal client, or solving their major problem. This will reinforce their belief in you. 

Stories sell, so don’t inform. Use a story from your own life to explain. Try the prompt on all social media platforms, and see how far you can push your engagement.  

Remember, don’t post and ghost! 
    Jump on this trend, and use it to create your post or video on your social media platforms: This Will Blow Your Mind (Most People Don’t Know This) Here’s how to use it:

Think about what “THIS” in your niche is an industry secret. Maybe you found out the hard way, or you discovered it through research. 

For instance:
   This Will Blow Your Mind (Most People Don’t Know This): 
– Insurance that Pays You to Own It (IUL)

– Cheapest Way to Take Out a Mortgage on Your First AirBnB (Traditional Mortgage for 1 Year)

– Energy Hacks that Turn Bills Due into Balances (Solar)

– You Can Run Your Business for (Nearly) Free (Free Software & Apps for Productivity)
Create content that can be shared across your platforms. But, be sure to duplicate their use without the social media platform’s watermarks! More on that in an upcoming newsletter. 
Spread this prompt far and wide, and don’t forget to commit to … engagement!  I suggest using the Poll function on IG and FB. 
Add a simple prompt on your post, such as:
 “Did you know this?!” 
  Heck Yes! | No Way! 
Interact with your followers through the poll. And, you can collect some valuable info on what they do and don’t already know.
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See? I promised this week’s email would fly!  

So, step out of your comfort zone this week, and take a chance with social media. Don’t be shy. Engage with your audience and enjoy the social part of being in service. Your clients will feel the shift. And you’ll be on your way to increasing your success. Try me – you want to lay the foundation for your social media presence NOW. Because things are going to continue to change – fast.

 And “Remember … no points for second place.” Go get ‘em! 

‘Til next week … send us any questions, comments or recommendations of trends you want to hear more about in the weeks ahead.
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