Three ways to supercharge your “offline” prospecting efforts with “online” follow-up

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Three ways to supercharge your “offline” prospecting efforts with “online” follow-up


  • Make sure that if people Google you, they find you: This cannot be said enough- if you have just met someone they will try and find you online. You must come up on a name search. Fair or not, if you do not have a web site (or have one that can’t be found, which has the same effect as not having a web site) then you lose credibility.
    Do not be frightened away by high-priced consultants; there are some easy things you can do to improve your own search engine rankings that we will explore in a future gift.
  • Encourage your prospects to connect with you NOW:
    If you are talking to them and getting along with your prospect, take your phone out of your pocket and find them on Facebook that second. You want to make that connection with them immediately- if you wait then you may lose them. A business card only goes so far, find them online right then and “friend” them!

BONUS TIP: Make sure that your online profile is complete with an updated picture of yourself, your web site address and your other social media profiles (Pinterest, Twitter, etc).
SECOND BONUS TIP: Send them a quick $5.00 gift card to Starbucks on Facebook as a way of saying, “Thank you for your time.” They will not forget that gift, and by the Law of Reciprocity they feel like they owe you something (a referral, maybe?).


  • “Download My App”: Everyone has a smart phone nowadays, and if they have a smart phone, they use apps. Encourage them to download your app, and then you’ll always be on their phone. If you don’t have an app, sign up today! Your app will be up in a week on both the Google Play and iTunes App Stores!
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