Social media marketing is free, but also can be painfully disappointing

Social media marketing is FREE to participate in… but so many businesses just do it wrong.

And if that’s you, if you haven’t figured out how to make money on Facebook yet, it’s not your fault!

Here’s the thing… social media marketing is changing so quickly, and not all of the training you’re getting is up-to-date. You’re doing your part, you’re following the experts and doing what they’re telling you… but they haven’t changed up their training yet.

This Thursday at noon I have the honor of co-hosting a webinar with Eric Lofholm, and we’re going to be talking all about how to use technology (social media in particular) to grow your business by putting you in the position as the go-to authority in your niche.

This is a brand new training, and you’ll be able to watch Eric and I as we actually DO the things we teach!

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If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, this webinar is for you.

If you’re falling behind your competition, this webinar is for you

If you’re just not able to “get it”, this webinar is for you.

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