Overcoming The Facebook “Crippled” Pixel in Your Online Marketing Campaigns

The iOS14 update has crippled the Facebook pixel (now affectionally called the crippled pixel) resulting in retargeting campaigns being shortened from 28 days to just 7…Marketers and business owners are scrambling to find a solution as they watch their cost per sale skyrocket…

Is this the beginning of the end of advertising on Social Media? Or perhaps there is a way around this..

What if there was a way to retarget warm leads for up to a year?

In this blog post, we talk about

  1. The importance of ENGAGEMENT on social media
  2. Using video to get ENGAGEMENT
  3. Video Domino: a video marketing campaign for insurance agents that is iOS14 proof


No, we aren’t talking about getting married (though if that’s your goal, go for it!)

When a potential lead engages on a Facebook post, that business can retarget that lead for up to a year. This is because a customer has interacted with the Facebook application rather than relying on the Facebook pixel to track a link click.

So instead of tracking leads for 7 days, it’s possible to track them up to a year!

When the term “engagement” gets tossed around social media managers and marketers, most people think of two things. First, there is the “like” (or some other reaction or a comment to the post. Both of those qualify as an engagement to a post. When a potential lead “reacts” (likes, loves, hate, etc) or comments on your post, they can be retargeted for a year.

However, there is a third way to get an engagement on your post…


Video view time is another form of engagement on a Facebook post. It actually only takes only 3 seconds of view time to be considered an engagement.

What does this mean for companies? If they can have a potential lead watch 3 seconds of their video, that lead can be retargeted for up to a year!

Video Domino: a video marketing campaign for insurance agents that is iOS14 proof

The Branning Group has a product that utilizes the above marketing technique Their product, Video Domino, is a two-step marketing campaign designed to overcome the limitations of ios14 to get you WARM and HOT leads…

How does it work?

STEP 1: Your introduction Video AKA the BIG domino.

In this video, they are introduced to who you are what you have to offer.

One of 3 things will happen

  1. They are fully interested. At the end of the video, they fill out their information and you have a HOT lead.
  2.  They are somewhat interested. They watched at least 30 seconds of your video before moving on. These individuals will be retargeted with a follow-up video.
  3. They weren’t interested at all. They skipped over your video.

STEP 2: Retargeting warm leads.

We retarget those who watched at least 30 seconds of your Big Domino with a retargeting video.

This short follow up video reminds them of why they watched your big domino and makes you a celebrity to your target audience.

How does this benefit you? You are only retargeting WARM leads. You’re not WASTING money retargeting people who have little to no interest in your product.

You can retarget these leads for up to a YEAR!


  1. SCRIPTS: The Branning groups know what works and what doesn’t for the two videos so they provide EXACTLY what you need to communicate in each video.
  2. EDITING: The Branning Group put you in touch with their premier video manager who walks with you through the film and editing process.
  3. AD SETUP: The Branning Group sets up your ads and retargeting campaign.

All you have to do is record yourself (you can use your phone!) with the script the Branning Group sends to you. It’s that simple.

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