Our sex life is the best it’s ever been, and it’ll get even better in 2022 ❤️?

Why is it so hot in the bedroom?

  1. I haven’t looked at porn in fifteen years so all my fantasies and thoughts are about Kathy. I dream about her and then wake up next to her. I’m also not comparing her body to someone else’s
  2. We schedule date night every week, so even if weren’t not in the mood we have it on the calendar. I can’t overemphasize how much this helps. I highly recommend this
  3. The pursuit doesn’t start at night. We drop little hints, glances and touches all throughout the day. Even if we don’t have sex that day, we feel intimate and close to each other.
  4. We try new things and make it fun.
  5. I’m a goal-setter, and one of the things I set out to do is to get better at pleasing Kathy. I want to become really good at making her night, so I take mental notes when she’s loving it and work on becoming a better lover to her.

Have fun tonight married couples! ❤️?

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