Introducing… the ”Call the Leads Challege”

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff before, but what I’m doing NEXT WEEK is going to be the dopest stuff I’ve ever done. And I want you to be a part of it. 

Over the past three years I’ve studied, implemented, and improved my coaching and motivational style. I’m really good at getting you to TAKE ACTION. 

There’s one task I’ve had a hard time getting my students to do consistently: call their leads. 

The rejection, the monotony, the missing skill set… there’s been a consistent theme in the excuses of why they can’t do it (or won’t try)

It’s been frustrating for me, because prospecting = gold. It’s pretty much a guaranteed outcome, you pick up the phone to dial to your prospect database and you will make a sale. 

I had a lightbulb moment in a team meeting. 

I need to reward you to call your leads.

I need to encourage you to call your leads.

I need to train you on how to call your leads.

I need to help you as you call your leads. 

I need to show you how to call your leads.
…but I’m not a sales trainer. And I don’t do anything halfway, so I needed to find the best sales trainer that I know and partner with that person. 

I reached out to my personal sales trainer and mentioned my idea to him…. “You’d train my students every day… and critique the calls they made where they ran into obstacles… and then what do you think about calling some of the leads yourself so they can see how you do it?” 

Eric Lofholm said “YES – let’s do it!” 

I asked him how much he wants me to pay him to do this for my students. 

He told me his number. I didn’t hesitate. I told him I’d cut the check, because I know that my audience NEEDS THIS. 

YOU. You need this.

I’m not running this “Call the Leads Challenge” for income, I’m doing this for the IMPACT it will have on everyone that says “YES” and does this with me. 

This Challenge is so value-packed, and it’s going to produce such amazing testimonials that I guarantee it will be copied by others

…but there’s nothing like the power team of Alex & Eric? 

I want to invite you to join me. We start Monday, April 18. It costs $97. Your money is fully refundable if you don’t think it was worth it. 

You have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to work with my personal sales trainer (and me) for a week as we dial your list. 

PS – I have paid Eric over $50,000 since we started working together eight years ago.

You can sign up right now at  – we start Monday. 

Let’s gooooo

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