How to Improve Your Church’s Website

Whether your church has thousands of members with a state-of-the-art building and sanctuary, or if your church only has a handful of members and meets in a home or coffee shop, you want to have an impact on your community and offer resources to your members and visitors. One of the best ways to increase the scope of your ministry as well as your voice in your community is to have a stellar website! Follow the simple tips listed below to maximize the reach of your church’s web presence.

 5 simple, but imperative, elements that all churches should include on their website:

  1. Ask for Donations: That is, ask for donations without sounding pushy! Nobody likes to feel pressured to give money, especially at church. However, if you ask nicely, and make it easy for people to donate, you will be surprised at how many donations you actually receive!
  1. Include the Location: People need to know where your church is located! You may spend a lot of time at your church, but, you should not assume other people in your community are familiar with it or its location. Have the address and directions clearly visible on the homepage of the site.

    Pro Tip: Include pictures so visitors know what to look for when they arrive! You may also consider posting a video tour of your church’s building!

  1. Post the FULL Staff: It is important that you include pictures and info about your entire staff so that visitors can familiarize themselves with you. There is a relatability when people can see your staff’s photos. It also allows visitors to feel more at ease as they recognize your staff when they visit for the first time.
  1. Post Upcoming Events: Include a Calendar to make it easy for people to see what is going on, such as the weekly services and any upcoming events.

    Pro Tip: Include photos, video clips, and information about past events as well. This will attract people who are looking for a church where they can be engaged and get involved.

  1. Social Media: Include where people can connect with you online through your social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.


How can your church increase donations?

  • Donate Buttons: Put a donate button on the bottom of every single page! You never know what page people will land on, and it makes it easy for them
  • Recurring Donations: Allow people to have the option of making recurring donations. People are actually very likely to set these up for ministry opportunities. The giver doesn’t have to think about it again in the future!

How can your church increase attendance at events?

  • Facebook Events: Using Facebook events makes life simple for your audience! They can easily share the event, find the location, and any other info they may need.
  • Utilize a Monthly Calendar: Set up a monthly calendar that people can view to see what is happening at your church in the future.

Pro Tip: Include what is expected of the people attending and what the volunteer needs (if any) are of each event! If people are going to go to the event, many of these same people will also be likely to help out in some way. So make how they can help crystal clear!



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