Thorough Case Study for Insurance Agents

A thorough marketing plan is imperative for the success of any Insurance Agent. Through this blog we will discuss three essential topics that will bring you new and lasting clients.

1. Lead Generation

2. Getting Referrals

3. Building Leads

Lead Generation

It all begins with you being able to talk to people. Social media is a must! Through Facebook and social media, you are able to speak to a captive audience so to speak.

Facebook Page:

 You need to use your Facebook page for all that it is worth!

 Fill out all of the information, including the link to your website, email, phone number, and any other relevant information a client may need.

 Upload as many pictures as you can, not just of your business, include photos of yourself and family. (Show your personality!)

 Post consistently, the more you post the more people will see!

 Create a calendar to plan your Facebook posts for the upcoming month ahead of time.

Pro Tip: The Branning Group recommends following the 20/50/30 Rule!

The 20/50/30 Rule:

 20% Personal Posts! Create posts that are simply promoting you. This helps create a sense of trust and gives people a reason to buy a home from you.

 50% Fun Posts! Create fun posts that people will enjoy sharing or engaging with. Social media is about being SOCIAL!

 30% Expert Posts! Create posts that demonstrate that YOU are an expert in your industry. Post content such as articles related to home owners insurance, or tips on how to lower the cost of insurance plans. These types of posts make your audience feel like you are not just posting because you want their business, but because you want to create community.

Pro Tip: You want to attract audience by holding giveaways and Funnels!

Getting Referrals

Getting referrals is all about building your own brand! Unfortunately this is where many Insurance Agents drop the ball.

Invest in an app: When you give out a business card people usually lose it or throw it away. But having your own personal app with your name and picture will create lasting impressions. Apps make it easy for people to do business with you and refer you to other people! Include your name, headshot and/or logo, forms, and other resources that will bring value to your clients.

Pro Tip: Include your contact info and a “Call Now” button. Also include a way for people to sign up for classes and other details that make it easy to do business with you.

Send Out Cards: Use Send Out Cards! Send Out Cards are personalized custom greeting cards with gifts attached to them, sent to clients as a way to say thank you. You can use Send Out Cards as a way to say thank you to new clients or even potential customers who have just set an appointment with you. You may even just consider sending a Christmas or other holiday card. It is about putting your face and name in front of your customers.

Pro Tip: The more cards that you send the more money you will make, because of the personal touch!

Remember: Your website, app, and social media must be consistent and cohesive. Always use the same logo, picture, info, etc.

Building Leads

Most insurance agents have trouble defining their brand.

Insurance is a necessity, but people can buy insurance from any insurance agent. So instead of focusing on your product, focus on your brand. Guess what? The brand is you! You must show who you are, that you are friendly, trustworthy, personable, etc. If your audience sees that you are someone who is trying to help them their family and possessions, they will more likely want to do business with you.

How can you build your brand?

 Personal Website: Have the Branning Group create for you a great looking and informative website, that functions easily.

 Personal App: Get yourself an app (we can help!). Make sure your app is easy to use has all of your correct info, and is up-to- date with great photos!

 Custom Graphics/Hashtags: Use custom hashtags related to your business such as your name, slogans, your location, etc. Hashtags carry throughout the various social media platforms.

 Think about what makes you different from other insurance agents.

Pro Tip: Use the same picture or the same post often. The more your clients see your picture or specific logo, the more it will be in their head and become familiar with them. This is what brand recognition is all about!

Remember: When building your brand it is EXTREMELY important to establish your target demographic! You need to find out who your target audience is before you craft your message.

Pro Tip: Do not be afraid to talk about your personal life, your vacations, pets, etc. The more people can relate to you the more likely they will be to do business with you!


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