HighLevel Onboarding Tools: Review of Joel Keddie (High Level Rock Stars)

After a lot of pitches, failed launches and a lot of frustration I tried Joel’s onboarding tool (learn more here).

It’s been a game changer for me.

I remember the day my team discovered Joel’s onboarding tool. I had been struggling to get my agency going smooth for months, and our current onboarding process was not going well.

I had tried every other onboarding tool out there, but nothing was working. Then I came across Joel’s onboarding tool.

It was like a business-saving discovery. His tool made it so easy to create a custom onboarding experience for my customers.

With his help, I have created an amazing onboarding sequence that helped my customers learn about my product and how to use it. The results are incredible!

My conversion rate skyrocketed, and my churn rate has sunk almost overnight. Thanks, Joel!

I recommend you try Joel’s onboarding tool, you can check it out here: https://snapshot.highlevelrockstars.com/onboarding

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