Apps For Gyms and Personal Trainers

Are you a gym owner or personal trainer that wants to reach a larger client base? Besides having an excellent social media presence and website, having your own personal app can bring you a tremendous amount of success and the Branning Group can help!

Three reasons investing in a personal app is the right move for your business:

1. It helps you streamline your business!

2. It makes it easy for you to get referrals!

3. It is a revenue generating tool!

What is an App?

An app is essentials a virtual brochure or business card that people can download onto their Smartphone through the Google play store or the Apple store. Clients can search for you by your name or business/gym name. When they download the app, your personal headshot or your gym’s logo will be on their phone.

How can an App help your business?

Imagine if you will a brochure that had lasting power. You gave someone a brochure and that person took it home with them after their workout. They placed that brochure on the seat next to them as they drove home. They brought it into their home, placed it next to them on the dinner table, left it sitting on their night stand when they went to bed, and carried it to the bathroom when they got ready for work the next morning.

Sounds a bit crazy right? People would never do that with a brochure… but they do with their phone! When their phone is with them and your app is on their phone, your “brochure” is with them all the time!

The Branning Group has found: If your app stays on their phone for 24 hours, it will likely stay on their phone for 6 months or longer. Most people do not delete Apps!

When people open up your app they see…

 A “Call Now” button! With a single tap potential clients can call you directly. No more trying to remember the phone number!

 Your gyms location and directions!

 A form to set up an appointment now!

 A schedule of classes and other events!

Pro Tip: Your app can be a great way to get referrals. Include a way people can easily share your information through your app. Driving revenue through your app.

The truth is apps are an investment (about $500), so you have to justify the expense. By using our app to generate revenue you can justify this expense. Create app only specials that clients can only receive by having your app, such as “Bringing in a friend and getting a training session half price.

You can also drive revenue through your app by selling your gyms merchandise. For instance you can offer clients ½ priced apparel if they download your app, or allow people to pre-order new supplements through your app only.

Pro Tip: By offering in app purchases, it also makes sure you have the right inventory at all times. Clients can also purchase more supplements or apparel on an as needed basis.

Other uses for your app:

 Include your gym’s location and contact details.

 Include a “Call Now” button so potential clients can call you on the spot.

 Post recipes of the month.

 Post workout and fitness tips.

 Include buttons for clients to connect with you on social media

 Include an accountability form where people can connect. This also helps create a sense of community around you and your gym.


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