I learned something from my buddy in the Army

I remember when my buddy got out of the Army and invited me to train with him.

His first offer was, “Train with me every day and you’ll be able to hike all day long without getting tired

Um, no thanks – I’m not an outdoorsy kind of guy lol

His second offer: “Train with me every day and I’ll turn your marshmallow body into a ripped machine.” 

I’m in! 

He was right, working out every day with an ex-Army guy will get you ripped! I got into the best shape of my life! 

My first offer to invite my list to the “Call the Leads Challenge” was, “Train with me every day and well get you to call your leads

Let me phrase it another way.

“Train with me every day and we’ll help you turn into a referral-generating machine!” 

How about: 

“Train with me every day and we’ll help you turn more appointments into sales!” 

When you sign up for the Challenge…

You get instant access to cutting-edge software, fresh sales training content delivered right to you, and world-class training from Eric Lofholm! 

1 – Get Rewarded for Taking Action

Every day you set a goal, and when (not “if”, but when) you hit you goal you will get a reward from Eric and I. 

2 – You Will Get Daily, *Live* Sales Training

Every day during the Challenge, there will be a LIVE Question and Answer time with Eric Lofholm and I. The purpose of this call is to share what obstacles or objections you’re running into, and to get help from an expert sales trainer. 

3 – Eric Lofholm Calls Your Leads for You! WHAT!? 

Every day Eric will randomly select one participant in the Call the Leads Challenge and personally call a lead for you! He’s never done this before! 

4 – Eric Lofholm Listens to Your Calls and Gives Personalized Advice to Improve

Every day Eric will randomly select one participant in the Call the Leads Challenge and review a call that you recorded and submitted for his personal advice.

When you join us, you will have lifetime access to the course material, which will include: 

  • Daily Q&A call recordings
  • Eric’s appointment setting phone calls made for Challange participants 
  • Eric’s personal critiques of the calls submitted for review
  • BONUS: Alex’s personal course, “Telesales 101” is yours forever!

I made short videos explaining the Challenge, in case you have questions. 

Check out the info here: https://www.calltheleadschallenge.com/april18 

I’ll see you in the Challenge Facebook Group!

PS – if you join the challenge and it doesn’t blow you away, just hit reply to your receipt and ask for your money back. I’m not doing this for a check, I’m doing this to help you – and if it doesn’t help you then I don’t want your money 🙂 

To Growth,

Alex Branning

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