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Some people are movie buffs that just can’t stop talking about the latest film and how great it was.

Some people love sports and will talk your ear off about last night’s game.

I’m a marketer, and I love to share my best marketing ideas.

My newsletter, “Your Marketing Coach” is a weekly newsletter that I send every Monday. The first newsletter will go out on Monday, July 4.

Professionally designed and written for “skimmers”, this newsletter is everything I put on my dream board when I was looking for someone to follow. There was no marketing team that gave me actionable ideas and productivity shortcuts, so I created it.

1) Every week I share one marketing idea that you can implement in your business.
2) I include the latest news in marketing, with links to detailed articles for you to learn more
3) Premium subscribers get my insight into the latest content trends that I’m studying and implementing
4) Premium subscribers get helpful “content prompts” to shortcut your way to engaging posts

Get marketing ideas you can use.

My team of seventeen work together to compile the best content and do all the research, so that you don’t have to.

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