Alex’s Call to Action for Branning Group Employees – August 1, 2021

Below is a note that I shared in our private company Facebook Group for the month of August. I thought it was a great share, I hope it inspires you! 

This week I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with an energy and a passion to do MORE.
Not to invest more hours, but to invest more of me into our team and our clients.
I shared at our annual company meeting my “attack on waste” this coming year, and that includes my waste of my own energy and mental focus. I am working a lot on myself so that we, as a company, can grow (I believe a company can only grow to the level of its leadership) and I recognized a broken pattern of thinking in myself:
“I hate change”
You’ve heard me say that before – maybe a lot – if you’re in the Redding office with me.
This month is a month of a lot of change
If I hate change, and I know change is happening, then guess what? My energy, focus, and mindset is NOT where it needs to be so that I can rise to the occasion.
I am embracing change, I am embracing growth and I am looking forward to tackling new things.
There’s a great quote I heard:

“The lowest level you tolerate becomes your ceiling.”

That’s a strong word. That’s a challenge.
That doesn’t mean our mistakes become our ceiling, it means our level of tolerance for consistency at the low level will become our ceiling for growth.
I am going to be giving encouragement and challenges to many of you over the next month. I am not asking you to give more hours, or to be something you’re not… I am going to push you in areas where you’re strong, and help you grow in areas where you’ve expressed weakness.
We cannot grow as a company if we continue doing what we are doing today. In other words, the trajectory of our growth WILL NOT CHANGE if we do not make changes. We cannot expect to do what we did in July and see our business double in August…
This is a common-sense statement, but it’s important to ask yourself:
I want to be clear that this call to action is not a “sub-tweet” at anyone’s performance, this is a call to action for me to rise up as a leader. As I look at my own performance and ask where I can improve, some of my action steps will be to come to you with ideas for improvements we can make as a team.
I am excited about the future!
I am embracing this season of transition as a season of growth!
I believe in our team, our mission and our clients!
The best is yet to come!
Let’s goooooo!

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