?Alex’s End of the Year Investment Advice?

As the year draws to a close and the economy comes roaring back, there’s a lot of opportunity?

At the same time, inflation is soaring and the virus is running rampant, so the risks of another crash are high?

I’ll be honest with you… 2020 was a great year for investing for us, but I didn’t do great in 2021?

Looking forward to 2022 I am going to be investing solely in index funds (JETS, VO, QQQ, etc) and avoiding trading individual stocks for the time being. That doesn’t mean I won’t trade on individual stocks but it will not be my go-to, by default I’ll be investing in index funds. 

On the crypto side I have ✨no freaking clue✨ what’s happening. I have investments in Bitcoin and Polygon (MATIC). I’m not in NFTs and I am not investing any more in crypto for the time being. 

Here’s the tools I use (both of them are my referral links so I win if you use them, and you get free money on both platforms)



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