💰Alex’s End of the Year Investment Advice💸

As the year draws to a close and the economy comes roaring back, there’s a lot of opportunity🏆

At the same time, inflation is soaring and the virus is running rampant, so the risks of another crash are high😬

I’ll be honest with you… 2020 was a great year for investing for us, but I didn’t do great in 2021😓

Looking forward to 2022 I am going to be investing solely in index funds (JETS, VO, QQQ, etc) and avoiding trading individual stocks for the time being. That doesn’t mean I won’t trade on individual stocks but it will not be my go-to, by default I’ll be investing in index funds. 

On the crypto side I have ✨no freaking clue✨ what’s happening. I have investments in Bitcoin and Polygon (MATIC). I’m not in NFTs and I am not investing any more in crypto for the time being. 

Here’s the tools I use (both of them are my referral links so I win if you use them, and you get free money on both platforms)



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