SendOutCards Giveaway Funnel to Drive Traffic

In this blog we will use Giveaway Funnels for your SendOutCards business, you will learn how to find prospects using a Giveaway Funnel!

The Branning Group has been a customer of SendOutCards for two years, and a distributor for about a year and a half. We are going to show you how to use our funnels (that we are giving to you) to grow your own SendOutCards business!

“You are one funnel away from changing your business for the better.” -Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels

First, what is a Giveaway Funnel?

A Funnel is a mini website that leads a looker to become a buyer from going to your site, immediately engaging with your business, and walking them through the buying process.

A Giveaway Funnel uses a prize as an ethical bribe. Customers visit the site for a chance to win and enter their name, email, and phone number. On the following page, you give people an opportunity to share the giveaway with their friends or network and usually give them another chance to enter the giveaway as a reward.

How can this help your business?

Your goal is to add distributors, but you want people to experience the product first. Once they see success with the product, then they are more likely to join your team. They have to become passionate about SendOutCards!

The Giveaway Funnel Page 1:

Our most successful Giveaway Funnel that we did for SendOutCards used a gift in the SendOutCards catalog as our ethical bribe (we chose the wine basket). One person would win the basket, so we won’t be out a lot of money or points to fulfill our contest.

The Giveaway Funnel Page 2:

BROWNIES! I encouraged people to input their address for some free brownies! Remember that the goal is to give people the SendutCards experience, so I want to send them brownies so that they can see what it’s all about. I want them to experience SendOutCards in all of its glory, and I absolutely love the brownies!

The Giveaway Funnel Page 3:

On the last page invite them to share the giveaway with their friends or family for a chance to win. After they have signed up remember to personally thank them, the power in these funnels is starting a conversation with a lot of people who will be experience SendOutCards for the first time.

Pro Tip: If they are going to take the time to sign up for your free brownies, you now have their name and number. You can recruit them to try OR ask them to be a referral partner for you. The Law Of Reciprocity will be at work here, they will feel a small obligation to do you a favor of some kind.

How can you attract leaders or people who want to join your team?

This is the big question, right? How can we use a Giveaway Funnel to attract leaders to your team? Well, it starts with introducing people to the SendOutCards product and then working with them so that they see success. Once they see success and have seen it work for them, now the door is open to recruiting them to the SendOutCards business!

Pro Tip: Find people who are already entrepreneurs. It is more difficult to light the fire under someone who does not already have the entrepreneurial spirit inside of them.

I recommend using a video, either in email or on your Facebook page, to tell people who are now introduced to SendOutCards about the business opportunity.

How can a you use a video to find and attract leaders?

There are three simple ways a simple video email can help you attract leaders to your SendOutCards team:

  1. By interviewing someone that knows your product well and has seen success in SendOutCards. I recommend asking your upline or someone in the SendOutCards businesss that inspires you.
  2. Using and demonstrating your product in a video: how it works, the responses you’ve gotten, etc.
  3. Showing what the business opportunity has done for you and your goals for the future. You want to create a passion for the business!

Pro Tip: A video is something that you can leverage! Show people that they can duplicate your steps to be successful.



You can sign up for our Giveaway Funnel System course for FREE here: Inside the course there’s a link to try the funnel software (ClickFunnels) for free, and you’ll be given a link to our most effective SendOutCards funnel that you can copy and use for yourself! It’ll only take about thirty minutes for your first Giveaway Funnel to be ready to go!

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