Network marketer success stories!

Welcome to the Branning Group’s blog series on Network Marketing! Through this blog we will discuss Digital Marketer success stories, helpful tips on how to grow your network marketing business, and how the Branning Group helped someone receive a $100,000 bonus through their network marketing business.

The Key Points we will discuss include:


  1. Growing your businesses through consistency. 
  1. Using pictures and graphics to attract prospects.
  1. How Missive growth takes calculated risks.


Veronica, the Branning Group’s social media manager recently became an independent consultant for Arbonne. She has been able to apply what she knows about social media to bring success to her business.


Veronica has utilized three crucial things to bring success to her new business: custom hashtags, graphics, and testimonials.


Custom Hashtags: Hashtags (#) create a wide market and are vital to your online business. When people are looking for something online such as Nail Art, Health and Fitness, etc.; they will search “#NailArt” or “#HealthandFitness”. When you use custom hashtags people will find you!


Pictures/Graphics: Do not use the product or the product logo to tell the story. Let your graphics and images tell the story. Ex. If you are selling a weight loss product, show before or after images of an ecstatic person who has reached their health or weight loss goals.


Testimonials: testimonials inspire people to learn more. Arbonne has created a community with its detoxes, which Veronica has been able to use to her advantage.


Pro Tip: You need to make the prospect feel like they are joining something bigger than themselves. They are becoming a part of a team, a movement, or community.


Remember: You are not selling the product, you are selling the benefit – get people interested and emotionally invested!


Veronica has spent ZERO dollars on her business, by utilizing her social media to post her Hashtags, graphics, and product testimonials. She has had about 10 people reach out to her because of her telling the story in just 2 short months, with minimum effort!


It Works: Diamond Level. Success Story!


Our client needed to get to the next level in her business, and by doing so she would be rewarded a $100k bonus. We knew this endeavor was going to take a huge calculated risk!


In order to get this large bonus, she had to bring in more distributors. We got these new distributors in 3 ways:


  1. We shared the benefits of the opportunity.
  2. We encouraged her to partner with and plan events with the other people and businesses she was connected with. By doing so she tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit that already existed with her friends!
  3. Outside of her network she used Facebook ads and funnels to attract new clients: Entrepreneurial women.


She added 50 distributers and got the bonus! Her total investment was around $4000, which was a calculated risk, had she invested that money and did not hit her goal she would not have gotten that bonus. Luckily she took the calculated risk and it paid off in a tremendous way!


Remember: This success story all began through describing benefits. It always starts with the benefits!




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