What I’m Learning Wednesday: ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

Hey guys. This is Alex Branning, Your Marketing Coach. This is a new segment that I am starting for Level 10 called What I’m Learning Wednesdays. In this, I’m going to talk every Wednesday about what I’m learning and the actions that I’m taking to implement what I’m learning.

Today I wanna talk about creating recurring passive income. This is all about creating recurring passive income. The money comes in every single month. Now, there are a lot of different ways to create revenue like that. There’s investments and cash-generating assets, things of that nature. But what I’m going to talk about today is specifically about affiliate marketing. And for me, my affiliate marketing right now is bringing in roughly $3,000 a month. I’m gonna focus today on how to create recurring passive income through ClickFunnels.

Here’s some examples of people that are in the group making recurring passive income through ClickFunnels, and when I say “in the group,” I mean the ClickFunnels Avengers group.

So here’s Dan Frego. As you can see, he makes a couple hundred bucks a day on average. Jason Lee has made … he brings in about $300 a week, it looks like. Matt Staton, he’s actually a Facebook friend of mine. He posted this in the group, so he makes quite a bit of money. He’s like, “Hey, thanks for the vacation money.” This is a guy named J.A. Income Guy. He’s very active in the group. He loves it. He’s getting paid about $300 a week.

So now I wanna help you get this set up. I have funnels that we can give away to help you grow your new ClickFunnels business. I wanna help you. I wanna come alongside you. The easiest way to grow this business is to give, give, give, and so that’s been my philosophy. That’s my philosophy no matter what, but especially when it comes to creating passive recurring revenue. It’s all about how do I give enough value so that people will, number one, try out ClickFunnels, and number two, what can I give them so that they’ll stay using ClickFunnels? In other words, how can I help them make ClickFunnels profitable for them? Because if it’s not working for their business, they’re not gonna continue using it, and if they don’t continue using it, then you don’t get that affiliate revenue.

Now I posted a video the other day and I got another affiliate customer while also serving an existing customer, so this is what I mean. I’m practicing what I preach. I’m giving funnels away to people. I’m saying, “How can I help come alongside you?” The money is real, the opportunity is there, and I wanna work with you. This is affiliate marketing at its best. It’s recurring. It’s a really high percentage. You get 40% out of everyone that signs up under you, so that’s as little as $38 a month if they sign up on the smallest plan on ClickFunnels, which costs $97 a month. Or if they get the upgraded $297, you get about $120 a month.

So now you can sign up to join my team, because I do wanna help you out. Go to http://alxb.xyz/CF-Team. When you join, I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of stuff to help you out. I’m gonna send you the link so that you can sign up to join their ClickFunnels affiliate program, and then you tell me. I wanna set up a phone call with you. You tell me, “Alex, these are the business people that are in my audience. These are the people that I wanna introduce to ClickFunnels,” and what I will do is help you get set up by giving you funnels that you can use to attract them into starting with ClickFunnels.

You do not need a ClickFunnels account to become an affiliate. However, it’ll obviously make it a lot more believable if you do have a ClickFunnels account and you’re using it for yourself, when you introduce it to others and say, “Check out ClickFunnels. This thing’s amazing.” So that makes sense. I’m here for you, I wanna be on your team, let’s do this together, let’s really make this happen. I want you to envision what it will look like when we have 15 people under your account, so one per month. You’ll be generating about $1,000 a month in passive recurring revenue. It’ll be awesome. So I’m here for you, I wanna help you succeed, let’s do it.

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