If you feel guilt about being a “workaholic”, this is for you:

Struggling with feeling like a workaholic? I would reframe your thought process from “working” 9-5 to “completing revenue producing tasks” from 9-5

We are entrepreneurs. It’s not what we DO, it’s who we ARE. We can’t turn that off.

We can control our focus and energy but we can’t flip our calling on and off.

I had a real bad workaholic problem before, and I fixed it by attacking my start time of the day and my end time of the day.

I hired a personal trainer to come to my house every day at 7am. That meant that I had to wake up and be ready for her, then after the workout I had to shower and eat something before starting work. I created an environment where I could not start work until 9am.

On the other side, I had an alarm set to go off every day at 4:45pm. That was my cue to stop what I’m doing, wind down and get back to my family by 5pm. It was a discipline sometimes to stick to it but the alarm helped a lot.

On the weekends I allow myself time to think and process my week. I wrote thoughts in an Evernote file, record audio messages to myself and create tasks for my team. I know that I can’t turn it off so I create an outlet for those thoughts.

That’s my life framework so I can thrive at work, prioritize family time and not feel guilt about my mind going back to work ?

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