15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years of Marriage

Today Kathy and I celebrate 15 years of marriage! Here’s 15 things I learned about being a good husband (in no particular order, and I’m still working on actually doing most of them):

❤️ 1. Never speak a negative word about my wife to any person, ever. No matter what. The only place negative words are allowed is when I’m talking to her or a counselor.

❤️ 2. I show her that I love her every single day, no matter how small the gesture is. I pursue her daily.

❤️ 3. I choose to love her every single day

❤️ 4. My number one job as Kathy’s husband is to be her covering and her cheerleader. I love being her number one fan!

❤️ 5. When Kathy’s upset, I listen first. Then I listen again, then I listen some more. Unless she asks me to fix it, I shouldn’t try to fix it (this is a hard one for me, tbh)

❤️ 6. Pray with Kathy and pray for Kathy all the time

❤️ 7. Let Kathy shine where she shines, and help her out where she needs me

❤️ 8. Learn Kathy’s love languages and don’t assume that she receives love the same way that I am programmed to give love.

❤️ 9. Have sex as much as possible

❤️ 10. Never raise my voice at Kathy, when volumes rise I have lost her trust

❤️ 11. Tell Kathy she’s beautiful every single day, and get creative with how I say it to her so she doesn’t get tired of hearing it

❤️ 12. We don’t have to agree on everything

❤️ 13. Our hobbies don’t have to be the same

❤️ 14. When Kathy wants to show me something she’s working on, get excited about it because she’s letting me in to her secret place

❤️ 15. Have fun with Kathy as much as possible! Go on dates, tell her your favorite jokes, dance with her before bed and take her on adventures!

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