CASE STUDY: Giannini Bistro and Grill in Lancaster, CA

The Branning Group recently helped restructure and revitalize the social media marketing strategy of Giannini Bistro and Grill in Lancaster, CA. The restaurant was known for having delicious food, a friendly staff, as well as fun and unique events. These elements should have led to a large customer base, but it didn’t as the restaurant was not utilizing their social media.

Sharon, the owner of GBG’s, had very limited time to devote to marketing, but still had an overwhelming desire to bring as many customers into her dining experience as she could.

GBG’s did have a semi-active Facebook account, but Sharon did not not have the time to devote to posting on it, as much as she had wanted (only 1-2 times a week).

The Branning Group took this weight off of her shoulders!

First, Sharon told us what she wanted, what she hoped for and expected, and we told her what we could deliver to her.

Currently the Branning Group posts on her Facebook page several times a week, Sharon no longer has to think or worry about the responsibility, and she can call, text, or email anytime her restaurant has a new event or promotion she would like to advertise.


These consistent postings have resulted in GBG’s Facebook page receiving an influx in engagement, much more traffic to their website, and many more customers coming in to eat at the restaurant.

Every month our team has a conversation with Sharon to figure out what she wants and set up a strategy to deliver those needs!

In addition to posting on Facebook everyday, the thing that turned the tide for her business was the fact that each day there was some sort of event or promotion: Sunday kids eat free, Senior Day Monday, BBQ Madness Thursday’s, etc.

When Sharon was not regularly posting about these events on Facebook, people didn’t know about them and were not coming in. What a wasted opportunity!


Every customer wants to save a dollar, everyone is looking for deals. Interestingly, the Branning Group has found that when customers come into a restaurant and tell the staff they discovered their restaurant on Facebook, they usually have visited that Facebook page within the past hour!


It is the Facebook posts, and the quality graphics featured in them (Which the Branning Group’s team can provide!), that drives customers into your business! We at the Branning Group also make ourselves accessible and easy to get in touch with for our clients. Sharon can text or call us anytime she has a new promo or event, and our team will have that info on her Facebook ASAP!


Case Study: Bex Restaurant, Lancaster, CA.

One of our clients, Bex, was dead in the water, but the Branning Group threw them a life jacket!

Their Facebook posts highlighted some of their exciting and uniquely fun events (Line dancing, bowling alley, spare banquet room, etc.), but unfortunately not very consistently. When the Branning Group began to consistently highlight those events with high impact graphics, their traffic skyrocketed! In fact, from the 1st to 3rd month their Facebook traffic increased 1200%!

Bex hired the Branning Group for a six-month time frame to get them back on track, and then took their social media marketing back inhouse. We can work with you for an indefinite period of time or for a short “burst” to help you establish habits and patterns for your social media marketing.


Remember: Consistency on social media is the key to success!



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