When Snail Mail Works!

Though we live in a digital world, the power of traditional mail cannot be overstated. Unlike technology, where you are competing for the attention of your customer with every other competitor (and non-competitor!), a well-designed envelope or package does not have the same amount of competition.

In this blog, we go over the 4 things to consider when sending mail:

  1. Lack of Competition
  2. Giving (GOOD) gifts.
  3. Keeping it Personal
  4. Sending it Yourself vs. Outsourcing

Lack of Competition

When any of us pick up our phone, every app is competing for our attention. And within every app, marketers are competing to get your client’s attention as well. That space that your competing for is the size of your hand.

Luckily, traditional mail is another medium to get your presence in front of your customer. Unfortunately, your client still receives spam mail. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can get your letters opened by your clients. How? By using colored envelopes, fun font types, and by including a personal message directly on the envelope itself.

And because your client took the time to open it, at the very least they’ll give it a quick scan. But with some engaging value driven content, they will probably give time for a full read.

Give (GOOD) gifts!

Nobody liked it when grandma gave socks to us when we were younger. And your clients probably don’t like getting a mediocre mug in the mail…

Gifting your client with a high-quality, well-designed item that can be used on a weekly basis can position yourself in the forefront of your client’s mind throughout the year.

But here’s the trick: it must be a high-quality AND regularly used item. By high quality, we don’t necessarily imply expensive. However, it can’t be the run-of-the-mill coffee mug either. Also, the item should be something that would be used by a majority of your customers on a weekly basis.

A simple coffee mug meets the criteria of something used on a weekly basis but wouldn’t be considered “high quality.” How about the other way around? A popular item that companies give but isn’t useful is the Yeti Tumbler. Though it is a high quality item, it lacks some other important attributes. Ask yourself, when is the last time you used a tumbler? It’s simply not an item that a MAJORITY of the population uses weekly.

What would be an appropriate substitute? Think of something that is high quality and useful to most people. A good question to ask yourself is “Would this be something that my client would SPLURGE on themselves?” Using the example of the coffee mug and yeti tumbler, how can we combine these two items that is both high quality AND practical. How about an insulated water bottle?

Whatever it might be, gifting a high-quality item that your customer uses weekly will create customer loyalty for years to come and is a small investment for a lifelong customer.

Sending a card for Christmas, birthday, or an anniversary? STOP IT!

Ok, not really, but those are obligatory holidays. What I mean by this is that people are expecting this. You’ll be one of half of dozen companies sending your client a birthday card.

However, how much more special is it when someone reaches out to you and mentions how they have been thinking about you when it’s NOT one of those 3 days?

Since your client is probably going to be hit hard with other forms of marketing on those three days so why not stand out from the rest?

Sending it Yourself vs. Outsourcing

Of course, you could manually send a card or a gift. But this takes extra time and energy. That’s not a bad thing but there are companies that will streamline this process for you meaning that you are not the one going out and getting the gift, writing the envelopes, or going to the post office to send them.

And of those companies, we recommend Mailbox power. Mailbox power not only has a large list of gifts and letter templates to choose from, but they can also help automate the process for you. On top of that, it can be integrated directly with your Agent CRM account.

The signup process for Mailbox Power is incredibly simple. Simply head over to https://www.mailboxpower.com/funnels. Once you’re there, select the pricing option that is best for you. Once you’ve signed up, send an email to support@branninggroup.com with your Mail Box Power login information and we will connect Agent CRM with your Mail Box Power account!

If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@branninggroup.com!

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