I almost missed my GOLDEN “fork-in-the-road” moment…

Have you ever looked back at the big moments in your life, and wondered what would have happened if you had not said “Yes”?

Like, what if I didn’t say “Yes” to Kathy wanting to sit across from me at our friends’ rehearsal dinner?

What if I didn’t say “Yes” to moving to Redding?

If I sit down and think through my life, there were forks in the road that I didn’t really recognize at the time.

One of those moments almost didn’t happen for me.

I remember reading a business book, and deciding to reach out to the author to thank him for publishing his best ideas in a book (this is a common practice of mine, highly recommend). I found Eric Lofholm’s personal Facebook profile and sent him a message.

If I had not done that… I would have missed out on so many mindset shifts and really cool opportunities that the relationship created for me.

When I collaborate with someone on an offer for my audience, that takes a lot of trust on my side that they’re going to deliver, they’re going to treat my customers right, and they’re going to take care of the few customers that do more work with them after the fact.

I trust Eric Lofholm.

I think you should meet him. I think you’ll benefit from working with him.

I’m not saying this is a fork-in-the-road moment for you… but it just might be, honestly.

You get to work with Eric for a week for less than a hundred bucks. Check out what I’ve put together, and consider joining us 🙂


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