Team Building, Compliance Concerns and Business or Personal Page?

Welcome to the Branning Group’s blog series on Network Marketing! This blog will answer the four most common questions network marketers ask us about building their business online


What is the best way to use Facebook to build a team?

Have the clients that you already have post about their experience and what they are doing on their personal Facebook pages. If they are receiving feedback and finding people who are interested in the product from their network, they become potential team members. Use that to your advantage!


Remember: Facebook takes very little time and you are able to access many people!


How do I stay in compliance with my company?

Make sure to never use your company’s logo, unless you are taking a photo of the product for copyright reasons. Also, you should never make a promise that your company does not also make.


Pro Tip: Be cautious of how you talk about the product online. You want to only share the same benefits your business does.


Remember: When planning your calendar, make sure to send it to your compliance department.


How do I find new prospects and have them pull the trigger?

You can find new prospects and start having more success selling you product by following these five helpful tips:

  1. Constant/consistent posting on social media
  2. Setting up a calendar to schedule your social media posts and stay attentive to your upcoming events and itinerary.
  3. Always share the benefits before sharing the opportunity
  4. Use events, they encourage people to buy now.
  5. Create a community around the brand!


Remember: Network Marketing is about creating an experience.


Should I use my business or personal page?

Use what works for you. If you have a large following on your personal page, it’s okay to use it. You may however, eventually want to branch out and create a business page.


It is simply about preference/ Make life easy for you and utilize the place you have the largest following, especially if you are focusing on sharing the benefits of your product.


Pro Tip: Mix up your posts, whether you use your personal or business page. You do not want to inundate your follower’s newsfeed with repetitive posts about your business or product. Show that you are a person!




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