Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategy: Social Media, Web Site, and Yelp

The Rusten House, a local Mexican Restaurant in Lancaster, CA has a long history and loyal customer base within the Antelope Valley. However, the establishment is not in a great location with heavy traffic and has next to no web presence, resulting in the restaurant not reaching its full potential.

If the Branning Group were to run The Rusten House’s social media, the following is a detailed list of what our strategy would consist of.

First we would ask the restaurant what they have going on during the week? Next we would highlight unique details about the restaurant that set them apart from other Mexican restaurants in the area, such as the fact they are extremely family oriented and make a point to learn customer’s names. We would also highlight their specialty appetizers, desserts, drinks, salsa, and delicious carne asada.


Pro Tip: Every Restaurant needs to discover what makes them unique and what their niche is.


Next we would discuss who their the target audience and market is? Again, The Rusten House is a very family oriented restaurant, it is not fine dining nor is geared towards children, such as Chuck E Cheese’s. It is the restaurant for the family, or the Average Joe.

We would also highlight what their restaurant does differently. For example, they are known for their plates coming out piping hot, you never have to worry about your food being cold,  which customers appreciate.


Pro Tip: Showcase what makes your restaurant different, and what people should try when they visit! Remember, people are looking for a spot they can try RIGHT now, usually finding and looking at a restaurant’s Facebook page within the last hour.


Fun Videos

Videos are an excellent way to attract customers through social. For The Rusten House, the Branning Group might showcase a video of the staff mixing salsa, prepping food in the kitchen, or showcasing a family enjoying a meal. Audience’s love these types of videos!

Besides food related items, the Rusten House could benefit in also posting coupons or gift certificates, as well as highlighting specials or events they have during the week. For example, their lunch specials are significantly lower than their dinner prices and they offer a weekly buffet.


Remember: Bringing customers in is the number one purpose of a restaurant’s Facebook marketing campaign.


The Branning Group likes to hold Giveaway Funnels!

What is a Giveaway Funnel?

A Giveaway Funnel uses a prize as an ethical bribe. Customers visit the site for a chance to win and enter their name, email, and phone number. On the following page, the Branning Group gives people an opportunity to buy a gift certificate on the spot. In The Rusten House’s case, they might choose to sell a $30 gift certificate for $25. This gives value to the customer, and is all about creating immediate revenue. The last page thanks the customer and offers them another entry into the contest if they share the page. Many people share it because they really want to win!


The Rusten House also does not have a website.

Five main things the Branning Group would include on any restaurant’s website:

  1. Location, location, location! We would make the restaurant EASY to find, with the address easily seen and accessible.
  2. Make it simple for customers to call.
  3. The menu! People want to see the food and prices. They want to make a decision to eat at your establishment right now!
  4. Include reviews and let customers tell about their experience.
  5. Your restaurant’s story! Share the why, and allow customers to establish a connection with you. This lets your customers feel as though they belong at your restaurant. Your customers do not want to feel like another number.


Facebook Culture

Make Facebook and social media a part of your restaurant’s culture. Include it as part of your greeting when they arrive, include it on placards or cards on the table, make an app that highlights your specials, etc.


Pro Tip: You need to get started with a bang if you are starting with ZERO digital presence!


Co-Brand with the people/businesses in your area. Ask yourself, what is a local business that you can partner with? You can both offer your customers discounts if they bring in receipts from the other establishment.



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