How to build a network marketing business online

 Welcome to the Branning Group’s blog series on Network Marketing! Through this blog we will describe beneficial tips on how to build your network marketing business online. You will learn, (1) How to grow your business on Facebook and other platforms, (2) Tips on letting your customers tell your story to grow your business, and (3) what steps to take when you are first getting started.

The Beginning Stages

Think about who your target audience is.

  1. Example Jamberry/Mary Kay is generally geared towards women.
  2. How to post on your social media.
    • You need to post often!
    • Create a schedule for your social media posts in order to have a constant stream of content. You want your audience to start expecting your posts. By doing so you become a part of people’s conversation. Not a hit or a miss. Plant seeds of time and money to see growth.
    • Use other social media platforms- Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
    • Connect all of your social media together by having one post lead to another.
    • Hashtags (#) – Hashtags create a wide market and are vital to your online business. When people are looking for something online such as Nail Art, Health and Fitness, etc.; they will search “#NailArt” or “#HealthandFitness”. When you use custom hashtags people will find you!




  1. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they start trying to sell their product to their audience before talking about the product’s benefits.
  2. Another mistake to avoid is trying to attract new members to your team by telling them how much money they can make. Sure money is important, but it is more important to excite people and make them passionate about your product.


How do you turn a looker into a buyer?

 By talking about the product!

Talk about what the product is, what it does for you, and mention positive testimonials. Bring emotion into it!


Pro Tip: Demonstrate your passion, belief, and trust in the product! Also describe how other people believe in the product too, not just yourself. This will create a sense of credibility surrounding the product. Once you do so, then you can begin the process of bringing people on, “If you love this product so much, why don’t you join my team?!”


Remember: People follow passion, they do not usually follow profit.


Should you use your personal or business Facebook page?

There are pros and cons to each, but it simply comes down to a matter of preference. You may choose to separate the two, or combine your business venture with your personal page. When just getting started it may be wise to use your personal page in order to utilize and tap into the audience you already have.


Remember: Always talk about the benefits! Ex. Is the detox working? Is there a team of people? Is there someone to talk to?


Social media is all about being SOCIAL!

 So show yourself!

 People want to see you, in your product!




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