I’M GOING TO NEW YORK (a fun update and a confession) 🎉😓

Did you know… that I’ve been going to ministry school part time over the last three years?
Three years ago I walked on campus at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry as a student, and this May I graduate.
Woo Hoo!
Here’s my confession… I haven’t let ANYONE contribute to my process, because of my fear of how this news would be received.
🤔“Would people think I’m quitting the Branning Group?” (I’m not)
🤔“Is my faith going to repel people?” (actually I’ve found that people resonate with me more, even if they don’t agree they get to know the ‘real me’)
…I’ve had a lot of other fears rolling around – so I keep quiet about my ministry school
But then I had a conversation with the manager of the charity that I volunteer with, and he really convicted me (in the nicest way possible)
See, as a part of my ministry school I’m going on a missions trip to New York in March (woo hoo!!) 🗽
And the school empowers students to fundraise for the cost of their trips 💸
Dennis (the manager at IRIS) asked who started raising money for their trip, and noticed I did not raise my hand
He asked, “why haven’t you started?”
I replied, “well I don’t need to…”
Dennis: “are you only going to ask for people to partner with you when you ✨NEED✨ It or will you let people partner because they believe in you and want to support you?”
I held on to the limiting belief that I should only let people join me as supporters if I was in financial distress, and I should not ask for support if I could do it on my own.
But that keeps me isolated within the body of Christ and it locks people out from partnering with me
I wrestled with that conversation for over a week (I talked to Dennis last Thursday)
I don’t know if it was pride, fear, or a mix of both but the idea of sharing about my trip and inviting others to partner with me is super uncomfortable.
Then I had a conversation with another student that works for me at the Branning Group, and I shared my thoughts about this
She said, “I’d partner with you in heartbeat and donate to your trip, because I want to. Let me know if you’ll let others go on this journey with you.”
…”let others go with you.”
I have a heart for ministry and I believe that I can’t go it alone when it’s time to build something for the Kingdom
But I am not letting anyone build with me as I am starting my journey into ministry? Oof, that ain’t right
This is an invitation to join me on my trip to New York, and build with me as I step out
You can donate to my trip at this link: (all donations to my missions trip are tax deductible, FYI)
I’ll post updates when I’m on my trip, it’s going to be a blast to serve other churches, charities and organizations in New York for nine days 🎉
With Love,
PS – sorry I didn’t share more about my ministry school earlier. If you have questions about it, feel free to message me
PPS – if you want me to pray for you I’d be honored to

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