Hey, what’s up guys, Alex here, and I just came up with a killer offer from my list and I want to share the process that I go through when I come up with brand new offers. If you need to make money fast, take notes on this episode.

All right, so when it comes time to make an offer, there’s a couple things I look at. Number one, who is my audience for this offer? And I really like to get a mile deep instead of a mile wide on this one. There is a story about a guy at a Mastermind and at the mastermind he presented that he wanted to create a high ticket coaching program for men who wanted to go, who were going not who wanted to go, who were going through a midlife crisis. And at that mastermind meeting where he presented the idea, he was getting a lot of questions. “Why should I believe you? And have you gone through this?”

And through the questions, through the surveying, they figured out this guy, he was an attorney who started to hit a midlife crisis around 45, because he had made the money that he wanted, but he still wasn’t happy. And so he was going on this journey of discovering his own self worth. And so his mastermind, instead of being very broad, men going through a midlife crisis, what he created was a high ticket group coaching program for attorneys who are 45-60, who had made a bunch of money, but were still unhappy.

And so when he was able to identify really specifically who that person was, then his high ticket group coaching program sold out fast. And he was able to charge more for it because people knew, “Man, this guy’s been there, done that. And he’s got a lot of great advice and resources for me.”

Does that make sense? So let’s go over some different ways to look at offers. First, identifying who your customer is and then I want you to write out what do I have right now? Literally, what is in my possession that I could sell to people, because I want you to think about a bundle, right?

And so for me what I did is I had courses, I created six different courses, and they were all selling okay individually. But then I bundled them together, and I called it my Insurance Marketing Academy. And I put the six courses together for a one time payment of $497.

Now the courses individually were much more expensive. It would have been close to $2,000 if you bought them all apart. But I combined them and sold them for $497 and it started to sell a lot better. We’re making more money per day selling the Insurance Marketing Academy than we ever were selling any of the other programs combined individually.

So when you bundle something like that, you’re creating more value and your over-delivering on the purchase. Also, when you look at the assets that you have, then… I’ve talked about this before. When there’s an affiliate offer, then what you can do there is bundle some of the assets that you have to increase the value of the affiliate offer.

So look at bundles. And then the other thing, look at what your competitors are offering, right? I’m all about creating copycat offers. And what I mean by that is not a direct copy and paste from what my competitors have put together, but looking at their offers and getting ideas based on my niche, based on what my audiences told me they want, and I get some good ideas.

For example, one of my really good buddies, I have a lot of friends in the internet marketing space, we’re not all competitors with each other. He put together a really cool offer for his list and he targets solar. And I was like, “Man that is such a cool idea. I love what you did there.” So I just kind of took a variation of what he did and I marketed it to my insurance agents. And it did really well.

So I learned from my competitors. So not all of your offers have to be original. You don’t have to, you’re not recreating something. Everything that you can get ideas from other people that are in similar niches, whether in different locations even. I know one of my friends, he’s a florist and he got some ideas from a florist that was in an entirely different state. He was like, “Man, I am totally copying that idea.” And the other florist gave him his blessing, but it just comes down, there’s no, you don’t have to come up with a brand new, original offer.

So let’s talk about your list real fast before we go on. One of the keys to making your offers work is to segment your list. So for me, when I come up with a new offer, I did this when I first introduced my insurance marketing Academy, I sent an email out to my list of just insurance agents, and I only sent it out to insurance agents who have bought from me in the past.

So I said, “Hey, you’ve bought for me, so I’m giving you this deal.” And that email did really, really well. Now if I had sent that email out to just everybody, they would have been like, “What is Alex talking about? I’m not an insurance agent. What do I care about this?” And so I was able to get really specific.

I was able to send it to only insurance agents and only people who bought. So a key to putting together a good offer that’s going to get you some bang for your buck quickly is to really have a good segmented list. All right. So another offer idea for you is time with you. If you’re the expert people want time with you.

Now that could be an online workshop. That could be an online mastermind, it could be a physical mastermind or a group coaching program. It could be a time with you, it could be you explaining processes behind your business. It could be you explaining some of the systems that you have set up. It could be you showing what a specific process looks like in your business.

So for example. I know that one of my friends, he is an expert in bringing on and training virtual assistants, and so he’s creating some content right now that shows exactly what he does when he brings on new virtual assistants, and he’s going to sell that as a course to people, which is brilliant, because there are people who just, they know they need a virtual assistant, but they have no idea what that process looks like and he’s filling that gap.

So what is he doing? He’s doing, he’s creating really good content once. It’s going to be very thorough and then he’s going to resell it. And I’m guessing he’s also going to make an offer for people to get one to one help with him. I don’t know that, but what does it look like for you? Time with you. That’s going to be huge. You can add that in.

Now, one other idea for an offer is to bundle more of the same. So I’ll give you an example. When we took our dog to go get a grooming, we were offered instead of paying just for this one bath, that we would buy three. And if we bought three then the third one would be half off. And so what did they do? They turned a $40 offer into a $100 sale.

Now, they would only “lose” if I used all three, which obviously, we plan on doing, but they were able to, instead of just getting 40 bucks from us for that bath, they were able to get $100. You can do something similar, right? So for us, we do done-for-you services. We could say, “Instead of just buying this one thing, we could create three of a similar item for you, right?” So what does that look like for you? Creating three of the same or a bundle of the same? Increasing the quantity means you increase the order. And so that’s one idea.

Last but not least, how can you bring in somebody else to help increase the value? So one of the things that I did and this is my last good idea for this episode, one of the things that I did recently was I hired my sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, to create content specifically for my giveaway funnel. And so the people that go through my giveaway funnel get his content, where he walks you through how to set appointments from all the leads that come through the giveaway.

For me, I had to pay him more than what I make on a single sale in a giveaway funnel for him to do that. But I knew that I was going to be over-delivering for my clients from here on out. Right? And so now it made it so that for me and my clients, it made the sale a little bit easier, because they knew they were getting that extra bit of service, they new they were getting that help to make sure that their purchase was something that brought a huge return on their investment.

So look at how other people can add value to your products and services that you’re creating. Right? So I’ll give you another example. One of my friends started, he created a course and he said, “Alex, I’d love for you to put some content in there and when I add in the content from you, I’m happy to put a link so that people can schedule a call with you.” So I created for him about a 30 minute training, just for his course, just for his people at no charge to him, because I knew that the people who reached out based on that training would be really good prospects for me and it could turn into something really cool for a custom Facebook ad campaigns.

So for you, who can you reach out to to add value? Now, I’m talking about informational courses, because that’s the space that I run in. If you’re a florist you could say, you could tag team with a local restaurant. If you get a bouquet of $100 or more, you get a $25 gift card to a local restaurant. That gift card could be something that they give to you, so that… Or maybe not $25 maybe it’s a $20 gift card. Because if a couple walks in, if he’s buying it for his wife and then they go to that restaurant, with that 20 bucks, easily turns it into an $80 dinner.

So it brings people on the door, right? It’s a great way to team up, add value. So look at those ideas. So I hope this was good. I wanted to inspire you. One of the things that I love doing is I love creating offers. And one of the things that John Lennon used to say, this quote was attributed to, he said, “Okay, let’s write a swimming pool.”

What does that mean? He wanted to write a song that would net him enough money to put a swimming pool on his property. For you, when you create an offer, you are sending something out to your list, no matter how big or small it is, and you’re able to turn that into revenue with a good enough offer. So, hope this was inspiring. Send me your offers as you make them. Go ahead and email them to me, alex@branninggroup.com. I’d love to hear them. Have a great day you guys.


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