Hey, what’s up, podcast family. I hope you enjoyed those special episodes with Jody Mayberry talking about podcasting. I’m going to talk about my most successful Facebook Ad campaign yet. The steps I took to get where I am, and how you can duplicate the success.

Let’s talk about, first of all, what is the Facebook Ad that is doing so well? I have been advertising for the Giveaway Funnel now on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube for about a year. When I first started, my cost per sale was close to $200. Now my cost per sale, on the marketing side, hovers around $75. I’ve cut it in half about twice, which is phenomenal.

What did I do? The first thing that I did was … the offer has really been all around a done-for-you service. That part of it hasn’t changed a lot. We’ve been adding more stuff in, which I’ll get to in a little bit. But the core offer is, I run a funnel that generates leads for insurance agents. That’s the funnel. That’s the offer. We do the Ads, the whole nine yards. That’s where we started from.

The very first iteration of the Ad talked about the Turnkey Marketing Campaign. I had some graphics that we put together with the Giveaway Funnel logo that we used. There was a video of me. The after that what I did, is I started modifying the message a little bit. My first step was going through the One Funnel Away Challenge. That’s step number one in moving to having a more successful campaign. Is I went to the One Funnel Away Challenge, in there I learned about what makes a really good offer. I’ve talked about this on other podcast episodes, but I learned a lot of it in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

I tweaked my off right. I built some stuff up, I added some more value, I put in some more support. It worked really good. As soon as I changed my offer, my sales increased. It’s like, “Oh, this is working great.” But the cost per sale was still the same. I did get more, I closed more of the leads. My cost per sale was still hovering around the same because I had increased my marketing. But I noticed that I was getting more conversions, slightly but more.

The second thing that I did to start seeing improvement, is I watched a video by Frank Kern. He had a selfie video that he was doing where he was giving some value but just talking straight to the camera. I said, “I’m going to try that.” And my cost per sale went down. I got really excited about that. What I did there, is I took the texts that I had written that was working and I combined it with a video Ad, that had been working better than the images and the other videos that I was creating.

We were letting that go for awhile. We had the improved offer. Then my man Ross Cristofoli made a post in the click funnels group showing an Ad that he had done. Where he had an image of himself with the play button over the image. It wasn’t an actual video, but it looked like one. Underneath there was a headline. People would click on it and then go to learn more about what the offer is.

When I did that, my cost per click cost was cut in half. That was really exciting. I was like, “Man, this is amazing.” The cost per sale just keeps going down, which means I can increase the amount that I put into marketing. Which means that I was able to close more sales. We had more and more revenue coming in. We were super excited.

I was reading Jim Edwards book, Copywriting Secrets. In Copywriting Secrets, Jim Edwards talks about headlines and split testing. There’s a lot that he goes over. But those are the two things that I grabbed onto. I took the idea that Ross had given me, with the image and the play button on top of it and the headline underneath. I started coming up with new headlines to say, “Okay, what’s going to get it to click?” We experimented with a couple of different things.

Then my final thing that I just did right now that we have done. Is I enrolled in Kevin Hanson’s video course, which is just phenomenal. In that course, I learned some really cool pattern interrupt techniques. We just got some more ideas. So we tweaked … and I actually created the video. The video’s doing better than the image that we had made with Ross. That video is getting sales at around the $70 rate. We took it from $200 all the way down.

But if I didn’t make the Frank Kern selfie video, then I wouldn’t have decreased my Ad spend enough so that I could see what was working. If I didn’t try the image idea from Ross, I wouldn’t have experimented with the headlines that Jim had. Because the headlines that I got from Jim Edwards’ book would not have fit with the first version of my Ads.

But once I had the image with Ross, I could try different headlines on it that I got from Jim. One of those headlines just seemed to work a little bit better than others. I made a video about it. Then with what I learned in Kevin Hanson’s course, we were able to make a really, really good video Ad.

If you want to check all this stuff out, head to my website. Go to alexbranning.com/podcast so you can see all my latest episodes. On there go to the last one, this one is lessons I learned from my best performing Facebook Ad campaign. I’ll show you everything I did, give you links to all the resources I just mentioned so that you can follow my success. You can see the Ad and take your own steps to get a really well done Facebook Ad campaign.

If you’d like us to do for you, I would love to do that. I’d love to talk to you about what that looks like. Go to alexbranning.com/call and let’s discuss it. I would love to help you have your most successful Facebook Ad campaign yet. Have a great day.


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